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Yin and Yang Candle holders

Yin and Yang Candle holders

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This beautiful selenite candle holder is all you need to balance out the positive and negative vibes in your place.

Feel zen energy spreading with these candle holders... don't you? Both sides are made of natural, pure Selenite. Yes, orange selenite exists too!

These candleholders hold the size of a tea light candle and give off an incredible glow. Great for meditation spaces, home decor, or as a cute little gift for a friend. 

Selenite is a must-have for any crystal lover’s collection! 

Not only is it gorgeous in its glow but this crystal really can do wonders in the energy department. It’s great for clearing and purifying auras and environments!

our yin-yang selenite candle holders weigh 700grams total will hold a tea light sized candle, & stand ~1.5 inches tall with a ~ 5-inch diameter

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This is gorgeous

I love the effect it creates. Happy with my buy and a perfect gift for Diwali!

Energy healing


Harmony In life

Happy & positive