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Crystal Consultation

Crystal Consultation

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We request you schedule the time and not select "Add to Cart " - Please wait for a few seconds for the calendar to show up.

On booking please check your consultation confirmation email and follow the instructions.

A consultation form will be sent by mail. Kindly fill out the form at least 4 hours before your booked consultation time.

Consult our in-house crystal expert for guidance on your healing crystals. A personal one-on-one session that helps you figure out where you need to start your healing journey and the path to embrace.

We introduce you to 2 types of consultation

1. Basic Crystal Consultation

Consultation Duration: 15 minutes

You will be provided with a one-on-one consultation for your crystal needs based on your given inputs. 

On Purchasing, please check your email and follow the instructions. 

Crystal Recommendation will be done based on the chakras/zodiac/benefits you are looking for. 

2. Crystal Consultation with Energy scanning

On Purchasing, please check your email and follow the instructions. 

Consultation Duration: 30-45 minutes

In this package, you will be provided with a one-on-one consultation for your crystal needs based on your given inputs. In this package, you will also be receiving intense energy scanning and chakra scanning based on the distance reiki modality to know more about your vibrations, and accordingly, the healing crystals are suggested. 


Welcome to Trucrystals, where our Energy Scanning Consultation opens the door to a personalized exploration of your energetic landscape. Immerse yourself in an experience where ancient wisdom meets modern insights, unveiling the unseen layers of your being.

Intuitive Connection:

In the Energy Scanning Consultation, our highly skilled energy practitioners create an intuitive connection with your energy field. Through focused intention and heightened awareness, they delicately navigate the energetic currents that shape your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Energetic Insights:

Gain profound insights into the subtle nuances of your energy. Our practitioners will share their observations, unveiling patterns, blockages, and vibrant aspects within your aura. This in-depth understanding serves as a roadmap for your journey toward balance and harmony.

Chakra Exploration:

Dive into the intricate dance of your chakras. Our practitioners will explore the vitality and balance of each energy center, shedding light on areas that may benefit from attention or alignment. Understand how the chakras influence various aspects of your life, from emotions to relationships.

Crystal Resonance:

Experience the resonance of crystals within your energy field. Our practitioners will identify crystals whose frequencies harmonize with your unique energy signature. These personalized crystal insights act as energetic companions, supporting your journey toward holistic well-being.

Personalized Recommendations:

Receive personalized recommendations based on the energy scan. Our practitioners will offer guidance on practices, crystals, and lifestyle adjustments that can enhance your energetic flow. Empower yourself with actionable steps to nurture and balance your energy.

Interactive Session:

Engage in an interactive session where you can ask questions, seek clarity, and actively participate in the exploration of your energy. This is a collaborative journey, and your active involvement ensures that the consultation is tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Empowerment Through Awareness:

Trucrystals believes in the empowerment that comes with awareness. The Energy Scanning Consultation is not merely an observation; it's an invitation to co-create a path toward vibrant energy, holistic wellness, and self-discovery.

Join us at Trucrystals for an Energy Scanning Consultation, where the unseen threads of your energy become visible, and the wisdom of ancient practices converges with the precision of modern insights. Step into a space where your energy is honored, understood, and guided toward its highest potential.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Avi Sharma
Crystal Consultation

Correct understanding of problems with easy and practical solutions. I am so glad i approached True Crystals . Genuine and trustworthy.

Lena Parvathy

Awesome prediction..helpful following it to the book.

Bhawani Talwani
Crystal consultation

It was amazing sir covered almost everything and whatever he mentioned was absolutely correct, the advise he gave is helping me so much come out of my stuck emotions,
P.S this was not only limited to crystal advice, Must must consult once in a while..
Thanku Tru crystal always coming to my help with such divinity God bless

Swati Chakraborty
Crystal consultation

I was happy with the conversation.He explained with proper clarity and suggested the measures to be taken.Also recommended the crystals.The crystal bracelet came with nice packing with instructions how to use and nice cards of importance of each crystal.Also nice freebies were inside which was a delightment.Feeling positive after wearing the bracelet.Keep up the good work.

Kanu Shree
Ray of sunshine amidst dark night

Thank you for spending your time and energy in providing such a detailed analysis.
The remedies, the insights are all very doable and very accurate.

Energy healing


Harmony In life

Happy & positive