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Natural Green Jade Palm Stone

Natural Green Jade Palm Stone

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This Natural Green Jade Palm Stone is a luxurious treasure from nature, with its jade-green hue it is sure to attract the fortune you are looking for.

Its smooth, glossy finish and radiating warmth make it a highly sought-after piece to add to any crystal collection.

This Natural Green Jade Palm Stone is perfect for those seeking the therapeutic properties of green jade to heal their heart chakra.

It is a natural and effective way to promote physical and emotional healing. With its calming and balancing effects, it is sure to help bring peace and balance to your life.

Unlock the powerful healing benefits of green jade with this stunning palm stone. Let its natural beauty and energy soothe your spirit and bring abundance into your life.

Experience the power of jade now and create positive change!

 All the crystals come with a how-to-use, charge, set intention guide, which contains all the information the individual needs to use the crystals.

Healing crystals are energy boosters, they show you the path to achieve desired goals. An individual need to embrace the path and work on it.

How fast the results come is dependent on an individual's hard work, efforts, and sincerity to achieve the goal.

Crystals carry universal energy in them, they help individuals to bring the needed change in their life in order to achieve their goals. Crystals are part of spiritual work, and any spiritual work will take its own time and the results are always dependent on individuals. 

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty and it's larger than I thought

I wasn't sure what palm stones are meant for. Bought it after consultation. It's really very efficient when meditating with Palm stones. Loving it. First time I opened I was watching the colour and texture. Then the moment I hold it on my left palm to see how it fits inside my palm to meditate, I just felt something which I can't explain in words. I am in love with this one.

Energy healing


Harmony In life

Happy & positive