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Howlite Sphere

Howlite Sphere

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Our Howlite Sphere is a calming and soothing crystal ball that embodies the serene energy of Howlite. Meticulously crafted and polished, this sphere showcases the distinctive white or gray marbled patterns inherent in Howlite. Here's an introduction to the Howlite Sphere and its potential benefits:

Introduction to Howlite Sphere:


  • Howlite is a borate mineral that often resembles white marble with gray veining. It is commonly found in its natural state as irregular nodules.

Energetic Qualities:

  • Howlite is known for its calming and stress-relieving properties. It is often used to promote a sense of tranquility and encourage peaceful communication.

Metaphysical Significance:

  1. Calming and Soothing Energy:
    • Howlite is renowned for its calming influence. The Howlite Sphere, with its smooth and polished surface, can be held or placed in spaces where a sense of tranquility is desired.
  2. Stress Relief:
    • Howlite is often used for stress relief and to calm an overactive mind. Meditating with the Howlite Sphere may assist in achieving a state of relaxation.
  3. Encourages Emotional Expression:
    • Howlite is associated with promoting open and honest communication. It may encourage expressing emotions in a calm and constructive manner, fostering better understanding.
  4. Enhances Sleep:
    • Placing the Howlite Sphere in the bedroom or under the pillow is believed to promote restful sleep and alleviate insomnia.
  5. Aids in Spiritual Awareness:
    • While primarily known for its calming properties, Howlite is also considered a stone that enhances spiritual awareness. It may support meditation and introspection.

How to Use Howlite Sphere:

  1. Hold During Meditation:
    • Hold the Howlite Sphere in your hands during meditation to tap into its calming energy and enhance your overall meditation experience.
  2. Place in Your Space:
    • Decorate your living or workspaces with the Howlite Sphere to infuse the environment with its tranquil energy. It can be particularly beneficial in areas where stress tends to accumulate.
  3. Sleep Aid:
    • Place the Howlite Sphere on your bedside table or under your pillow to promote a restful and peaceful night's sleep.
  4. Communication Enhancement:
    • Keep the Howlite Sphere in spaces where communication is key, such as the living room or office. It may encourage open and honest dialogue.
  5. Pair with Other Crystals:
    • Combine the Howlite Sphere with other crystals that complement its energy, creating a harmonious and balanced arrangement.


The Howlite Sphere is a gentle and versatile crystal that can bring a sense of calmness and balance to your life. Whether used for meditation, placed in your environment, or integrated into your bedtime routine, the Howlite Sphere serves as a serene and supportive companion on your journey to inner peace.

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