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Customised Crystal Bracelet- 6mm

Customised Crystal Bracelet- 6mm

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Now, you can design your own crystal bracelets with Trucrystals!

Choose any of the 5 crystals (6mm-sized beads) from the following list, mention your wrist size and we will get your bracelet done.

If you want to add any charms, you can add them from our charms section to your order.

Kindly note that the custom bracelet orders can't be returned/ replaced or canceled. Since we will be making bracelets specifically for you, we request you to take your time in deciding the crystals and size of your bracelets.  All our ready-to-buy bracelets listed in our store (in-house combinations) are of standard 7.5 inches and made of 8mm beads.

Custom bracelets also come with our standard packaging and guides. If you have anything extra that you want us to keep in mind during the process of making, you can always use our "Message To Seller" box in your cart.

All the crystals come with a how-to-use, charge, set intention guide, which contains all the information the individual needs to use the crystals.

The processing time for customized bracelets is 48 hours and shipment will be done post that. 

To ensure you receive the correct size and comfortable fit for your bracelet please follow this guide - the process of measuring your wrist is simple and straightforward.

Where do I measure my wrist?

Its personal taste as to where you wear your bracelet and on which wrist, so select the wrist which will be adorned by your beautiful bracelet, and measure where on either the side of the wrist bone that will feel most comfortable to you. 

Some customers will wear multiple bracelets or a watch on their wrist and the bracelet further up their forearm, so just consider this when measuring yourself for a strikingly colorful bracelet from Trucrystals.

How to measure your wrist?

  • Ensure your bracelet hand is facing up - palm fully open, this will make sure your wrist expands to its largest size
  • Wrap the tape measure around your wrist touching the skin but not pinching it
  • Read the size from your tape measure in inches

If you don’t have a dressmaker's measuring tape, you can use a simple piece of string or a sheet of paper to wrap around your wrist, mark the string or paper where they meet, and simply measure the distance with a ruler.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Saumya Vasudevan
Energising and positive

I love the variety of options you have and the customisation of bracelets. Recieved my products in superb packaging which other sites don't do. The scent from the box was divine which was decorated and seems to b cleansed also.Lovely! Shows the care and love they have for the crystals. No wonder when i wore them i felt energised immediately because the crystals seems to be happy themselves too which is what I believe. And the crystals were beautiful in themselves too. Lovely and i love them a lot. Have kept them in my altar to b cleansed again. Ordering again for my kid a bracelet too. Thank you so much trucrystals. Love and Light to you!

Pooja Nagaraja

Trust worthy

Prajakta Pawar
I see genuine results..

I recently purchased the 6mm customized bracelet from Tru Crystals. It consisted of red carnelian, tiger's eye, amazonite, red jasper, and sunstone. The main intention behind the purchase was to increase my inner confidence and self-worth. I wore it after charging in the full moon night on 5th of february and I must say, I see a remarkable increase in my self-belief. I feel so much more confident and courageous, especially with the tiger's eye. I feel the connection with it.

I can genuinely feel that the bracelet is doing its magic, I started seeing results in a week or so. I was dicey at first seeing the prices on the website, but I thought of giving it a try and I am genuinely happy that I made the decision. It's worth the money!

Plus, the packaging a such a premium quality, it came in a jewellery kind of solid, good quality box, with some dried fragrant flowers or fruits, honestly, I don't know what it is called but it smells very 'spiritual', loved it. It came with a description of all the crystals and the procedure of how to wear them. Overall great packaging.

I look forward to buying a couple of other crystals for my birthday! 💗

PS- Charge the crystals regularly, and wear them with faith. It's important to understand that crystals act as a catalyst to our journey, it is not an alternative to hard work. Know this before you buy/ wear any crystals and I am sure you will have the best results.

Energy healing


Harmony In life

Happy & positive