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Greenish Blue Azurite Bracelet

Greenish Blue Azurite Bracelet

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The Azurite bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry made from high-quality azurite gemstones with a vibrant Greenish-blue hue and delicate patterns. It is perfect for making a statement on any occasion.  The bracelet is not only visually stunning but also symbolizes the wearer's connection to nature and the beauty of the world around us.

Based on its metaphysical properties, the Greenish Blue Azurite is often associated with the Heart and Third eye Chakra or Anahata and Ajna Chakra because of its intuition, psychic abilities, clarity, insight and connection to the inner self and inner child.

Metaphysical Properties :

1. Inner Peace and Serenity: The bracelet's calming and soothing properties can promote a sense of inner peace and serenity, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
2. Connection to Nature: The bracelet can help the wearer feel more connected to the natural world, promoting a sense of harmony and balance.
3. Inspiration and Creativity: The azurite gemstone's association with the third eye chakra may enhance intuition, creativity, and inspiration, helping to foster new ideas and perspectives.
4. Protection and Purification: The silver accents in the bracelet may help to ward off negative energy and promote a sense of clarity and cleanliness.
5. Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Abilities: The azurite gemstone's connection to the third eye chakra may enhance intuitive and psychic abilities, allowing the wearer to tap into their inner wisdom and guidance. Connecting to the heart chakra it helps one to love self and send out loving energy to the world around by keeping the inner child balanced. 
6. Mood Boosting: The Greenish-blue hue of the azurite gemstones may have a calming effect on emotions, helping to reduce feelings of sadness or depression.
7. Relaxation and Calming: The bracelet's soothing properties can help the wearer relax and unwind, promoting a sense of calmness and tranquility.
8. Enhanced Self-Awareness: The bracelet's connection to the natural world may promote a greater sense of self-awareness, helping the wearer to better understand their place in the world.

Bead size : 8mm

Standard Size: 7.5 inches

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