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Abundance Smudge Mix

Abundance Smudge Mix

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Introducing our Abundance Smudge Mix, a potent blend of 68 meticulously selected herbs, including powerful elements like High John, Bay Leaf, Cloves, Vetiver, and an array of other mystical botanicals. This unique smudge mix is crafted to harness the ancient wisdom of herbal energies, creating a transformative and abundance-attracting ritual for your sacred space.

Key Ingredients:

High John: Revered for its association with luck and success, High John is believed to open the doors to prosperity, providing a strong foundation for abundance rituals.

Bay Leaf: Known for its purification properties, bay leaves are often used to clear negative energies, making room for the positive vibrations necessary for abundance manifestation.

Cloves: With their warm and spicy aroma, cloves bring protective and purifying qualities to the mix. They are also associated with attracting financial success.

Vetiver: A grounding herb, vetiver is included for its ability to connect with the earth's energy, providing stability and enhancing the abundance-drawing properties of the blend.

64 Other Herbs: Our carefully curated selection of 64 additional herbs contributes to the complexity and richness of the smudge mix, each chosen for its unique metaphysical properties and positive influences on abundance and prosperity.


  1. Abundance Manifestation: Use the Abundance Smudge Mix as part of your ritual to attract prosperity and abundance into your life. Harness the collective power of these herbs to amplify your intentions.
  1. Purification: Clear your space of negative energies and obstacles that may be hindering the flow of abundance. The smudge mix helps create a clean slate for your intentions to flourish.
  1. Ceremonial Ritual: Elevate your spiritual practices with this specially crafted smudge mix, turning your abundance manifestation into a sacred ceremony. Set the stage for positive energy and manifestation.
  1. Holistic Well-being: Beyond its abundance-attracting properties, the smudge mix contributes to overall well-being by promoting a sense of balance, tranquility, and harmony in your environment.
  1. Thoughtful Gift: Share the gift of abundance with loved ones by presenting them with the Abundance Smudge Mix. It's a unique and meaningful way to wish prosperity and success upon those you care about.

Embrace the ancient art of smudging with our Abundance Smudge Mix, a harmonious blend of herbs carefully chosen to enhance your spiritual journey toward abundance and prosperity. Transform your space and align with the energies of prosperity with each sacred smudging ritual.

You will receive 1 Pack of 100 Grams

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