5 ways to cleanse your Aura

Aura Cleansing is becoming mainstream these days. Aura is your energy field that you surround your body with. These energetic layers are the ones which help you get in touch with the universal energy.

Aura is made of colors, each of the emotions that you experience in your physical body will be reflected in your aura with different colors. The visibility of these energetic fields are granted only to the trained eyes and mind. 

With your ever-changing emotions, the colors of the aura shift too. Keeping this beautiful aura of yours clean ensures that you keep negative energies at bay. 

Universe is just not about good energy, hence, aura cleansing is very important to keep yourself balanced in your physical world. 

Aura cleansing is the first step to follow if you are serious on your energy healing journey like chakra balancing or chakra healing.

Today, in this blog we bring you 5 easy aura cleansing ways to promote energy healing

Healing crystals 



Healing crystals are highly potent when it comes to clearing any stagnant or negative energies. It will Aid you to progress in your spiritual journey and energy healing.  Some of the best aura cleansing crystal stones are, Selenite, Amethyst Crystal, labradorite etc. carry these Crystal stones with you to clear your aura.

Smudging ritual



Another easy and simplest way for aura cleansing is following a smudging ritual. Smudging ritual ward of negative energy from your aura just like you do for your healing crystals and home. Use herbs like sage and others to cleanse your aura. 

Take a healing bath



Healing bath infused with loads of herbs, aromatherapy oils and crystal tumble stones are a great way to aura cleansing. A healing bath with himalayan pink salt is known to clear all the negative energy from your body. Shop our absolutely delightful collection of healing bath salts infused with tumble stones here

Practice self love


Loving yourself is one of the most powerful healing practices that everyone should follow. Constant practice of self-love will help you to stay soft and nurtured regardless of what negative energies are flying around all over the place. Daily affirmations is one of the best ways to start your self love. 

Keep your Surroundings in good vibes



Your surroundings play a good role in your mood, which in turn play a huge role in your aura creation. The more negative your surroundings, the more aura cleansing you need! Placing healing crystals in your home and office can help you combat this problem. Healing crystals like chakra tree, Amethyst Crystal cluster, orgonite pyramids will help you bring in more positivity to you and your space. 

With these easy 5 steps, Aura cleansing can be part of your routine to keep yourself goal oriented with our the influence of any negative energies. We highly recommend doing these process at least once a week to have better results to keep your mind body and aura clean. 

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