Welcome Feng-shui energy to home with healing crystals

Healing crystals have mystical properties that permit them to be utilized in better places. Feng shui Crystals stones are such an assortment of gems, that help you bring positive vibes and vitality inside the house. 

These healing crystals tackle positive vibrations that keep your home cheerful and sound. Following is a rundown of five Crystals stones that can improve your home. 

Clear Quartz 

This is an extremely versatile stone among many Crystals stones that is related to bliss, clarity of the brain, and good intentions. 

Its colorlessness makes clear quartz a top pick for feng shui Healing crystals since it can without much of a stretch go with any sort of lifestyle. 

As per Feng shui, you have to put these Crystals stones in those regions where you need a consistent progression of clean vitality. 

Perhaps the best thing about this gemstone is that you can really put it anyplace in light of the fact that it can without much of a stretch change in accordance with the vitality field of that specific territory. 

Clear Quartz is an amplifier, hence know where you are placing it as it amplifies the energy of that place. 

Tiger’s eye 

This Healing Crystal is another most loved in feng shui gemstones  in view of its defensive properties. 

The magnificence of this precious gemstone is that it protects and energizes you simultaneously. It changes the negative vitality in your home into positive vitality. 

Tiger's eye works in a state of harmony with the energies in your home and achieves a positive change in your life. 

Likewise wearing crystal bracelets made of Tiger’s eye assists with making quality decisions, more grounded, and harmoniously balanced. The gritty vitality of this healing stone makes it conceivable to utilize it as a feng shui gem.


The popularity of this healing stone knows no bounds. Amethyst gemstones have been used for ages by kings and queens for their uplifting properties which are achieved by transmuting negative energy into a positive one. 

Not only is this healing stone very attractive but also very helpful in terms of feng shui. The peaceful energy of this stone helps to maintain a balanced atmosphere at your home. 

Wearing crystal bracelets or using Crystal Japa mala beads made of Amethyst is the best choice for your meditation because it has properties that help you connect with the divine energy that lies beyond the physical realm. 


This healing stone is most appropriate for feng shui on account of its excellent hues that extend from delicate yellow to blazing orange. Carnelian is related to the second chakra and thus ends up being an incredible stone for inspiration and initiative. 

Being a stone of inventiveness, it is perfect for individuals who have their own businesses. crystal bracelets, tumble stones, or palm stones made of Carnelian shape an ideal mix of fire and earth feng shui components and thus is most appropriate for you. 

You can utilize these beautiful crystals in your day-to-day life by placing them around your home appropriately to boost energy. 

Placing Carnelians in your kitchen is a great way to explore your creative cooking while placing an amethyst in your living area is ideal for a calm and peaceful environment in-home space. 

Based on the properties of the crystals you can find the best-suited place for these lovely crystals and welcome them home. 

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