Sunstone Healing properties, Meaning, and uses

With the brilliance of the sun and the fire of the sun energy, Sunstone is a healing crystal that conveys the energy of Ra, the sun god, whose energy brings all likely life from inside the Earth. It is a Crystal Stone of Leadership - of individual power, opportunity, and extended cognizance. Genuinely reflecting the characteristics of Light, it brings receptiveness, warmth, strength, mental lucidity. 

Known as a blissful stone, Sunstone moves the supporting of self to be of service to other people. It reestablishes the happiness regarding life, Luck, and brings in abundance.

What are healing crystal sunstones Made of? 

Sunstone is an individual from the Feldspar family and is known for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds, and browns that have radiance like the sun. 

This Healing crystal has inclusions of Goethite or Hematite that refract light between the different gem layers and produce a luminous result as the gemstone is seen from different points and angles. 

Sunstone may be clear and transparent, or opaque, and is readily available on the market. Clean red specimens, however, are rare.

Uses of healing crystal Sunstone

Sunstone is a Luck and abundance stone. It energizes freedom and inventiveness, this gemstone is genius in uncovering hidden talents, and draws in startling abundance, fortune, and luck. It is a superb "Good luck" gemstone for lives competitions. 

Just like the Sunlight pursuing away shadows, the healing stone Sunstone gets rid of negative energy and every ready-to-move energy blockages from your chakras. 

This is a gemstone that offers its healing energies with the sacral chakra, the energy center that houses your inward chi. This is the place where your life force streams and where your pleasures and delight in encountering the world sit. When your sacral chakra is cleared out you can speak effortlessly and move with inward elegance, and enjoy life with opportunities.

Ways to use Sunstone in Healing

Sunstone is exceptionally successful in purifying the negative energy and chakras, and for eliminating unwanted snares from possessive friends and family, sweethearts, or anybody depleting your energies. 

Sunstone encompasses these surrounds you with adoration and positive energy and returns your given love to the source. It is particularly valuable when binds should be cut, or when you need to affirm "NO". It helps eliminate codependency, beats hesitation, and supports self-strengthening by bringing you the joy of sunlight and the abundance of sun's energy and luck.

As a workplace healing crystal, Sunstone expands your profile and brings open doors for leadership and growth. Place close to your PC while promoting your own business or administrations on the web.

Worn as crystal jewellery, Sunstone helps one receive what is needed and desired. The healing stone channels multiple healings and blessings to others. Worn as a Crystal bracelets, Sunstone brings the heart’s wisdom into alignment with the mind’s inspirations.

How to care for your Sunstone?

You can cleanse your Sunstone by smudging it with sage. You can also place it on big clusters and selenite plates or you can run it under tap water for a quick energy cleansing of those terrible energies away.

To energize your Sunstone you can leave it in early morning sun rays. it is no surprise that this beautiful gemstone likes sunshine. In the colder time of year or times without a good brilliance of the sun, you can likewise charge by moonlight for balance or by burying your sunstone in a little rich earth.

Sunstone in a Nutshell! 

Sunstone is one of those healing crystals that is overflowing with positive energy and ever-ready to get you into positive power. Very much like the warming kiss of the sun all over, having this crystal stone nearby right away revives the soul. 

Remaining grounded, having the zing for handling all of life's unpredictable highs and lows, producing sweet sustaining connections and achieving favorable luck - Sunlight is the most valuable gold to be found across all the lands and it's impeccably caught in the Sunstone gem.

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