Sodalite Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

Healing Crystal Sodalite teaches the idea of oneself in relationship to the universe, It inspires knowledge, insight, awakening, assessment, and association.

Referred to as "Logical Stone," this blue crystal stone lets you know the pure logic of existence!.

Sodalite as a healing crystal doesn't invigorate intelligence but instead clears one's vision and acumen opening the mind to formulate the wisdom of an individual.

What is Sodalite made of?

Named for its sodium content, Sodalite is a chloric sodium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 5.5 to 6 on MOH's scale. This gemstone is delegated a feldspathoid and is notable for its rich blue tone mixed with white Calcite, however, it might likewise form as grey, yellow, green, or pink.

Quality blue or blue-violet material is utilized in jewelry making. Sodalite happens commonly in massive or granular habits, yet can shape intriguing transparent or clear precious crystal stones.

Uses of Sodalite as a Healing stone

Sodalite is one of the densest and most grounded of the grey-blue gemstones and is excellent for Self-reflection meditations and inner healing journey. 

The crystal stone carries experiences into yourself and a legitimate assessment of your inspirations, assets, shortcomings, gifts, and destiny patterns.

Sodalite as a healing stone disperses mental confusions, quiet the consciousness to permit new information to be absorbed, and welcomes an edified point of view on life. 

This healing crystal builds awareness, optimism, and taking a stab at reality, and dispenses with guilt and fears better when compared to other crystal stones. 

The healing stone helps you own and expresses your actual sentiments and support yourself.

Ways to use Sodalite in healing

Sodalite is an ideal healing stone for the people who are oversensitive, cautious, hasty, or inclined to nervousness or fits of anxiety to settle the brain and permit a shift from emotional to reality.

Wearing a sodalite crystal bracelet or holding or carrying tumble stones helps you to recover your composure and to keep your mind quiet and bring stable energy. 

Place sodalite tumble stones on the Third Eye region to acquire scholarly comprehension and a more clear point of view of self or a circumstance. Working with a Sodalite crystal necklace or Japa mala every day will keep the process of bringing your mind and consciousness to a great balance.

Sodalite gemstone is connected to the throat chakra, yet it additionally has associations with the heart and the third eye chakra. A profoundly spiritual crystal stone welcomes the wearer to reinforce their associations so they feel the establishing power of the earth underneath their feet in all situations of life.

Sodalite as a healing crystal is said to take advantage of the pituitary organ which takes advantage of spiritual awareness and fills in as the doorway to illumination.

How To Care for Sodalite?

Keeping your Sodalite crystal stone perfect and clear and ready to change the best of its energy is fundamental if you are using it in crystal healing and energy cleansing

Being high in sodium content, the stone reacts well to running water as this is all there is to it as the first component. But, be sure that you do not expose your stone to too much water. If you are using the water cleansing method, we suggest you do not expose your crystal for more than 5-6 minutes in water. 

However, If you would love to recharge your crystal stone under the bright sun, 10 minutes is all you need to bring that vibrant energy cleansing & healing property of the gemstone back.

If you have any desire to do a really profound clean on your Sodalite stone then you can put it on a selenite plate (its number one component) with other charged healing stones and allow it to sit for twelve hours. This will totally wash all of the harmful energies it has gathered away and will leave it new confronted and good to go once more.

Final Thoughts

Sodalite is a Crystal stone of verse and truth and the ideal decision for the people who need to up their communication and dive deep to know their inner-self. 

At the point when you really want an exciting portion of calmness, when you need to instigate higher reasoning and thinking, and when you desire a genuine lightning creative jolt, Sodalite will be the stone that saves you.

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