Rose Quartz: The gemstone of universal love

Who doesn’t fall in love with this beautiful pink healing crystal? The beautiful subtle hue of pink and the loving vibrations it sends is all that makes this crystal stone a universal love stone. 

The beautiful and flawless Rose Quartz, with its delicate pink color, is a crystal stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It conveys the delicate feminine energy of compassion, harmony, tenderness, and healing. It talks straightforwardly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears, feelings of hatred, and encircles your heart with divine cherishing energy all through the whole aura.

Stirring the heart to its own natural love, Rose quartz gives a profound feeling of individual satisfaction and happiness, permitting one the ability to genuinely give and get love from others.

What is Rose Quartz made of? 

Rose Quartz, a silicon dioxide gemstone, is quite possibly the most widely recognized assortments of the Quartz family crystal stones.

Its name is derived from its delicate rose tone, which goes from pale pink to profound reddish pink. It usually grows in a gigantic structure, though it sometimes grows in clusters of small prismatic crystals.  It varies in clarity from opaque to translucent to foggy transparency. Some specimens contain traces of Rutile within the stone which creates six-pointed stars when polished.

Uses of Rose Quartz Crystal

Alongside doing some amazing things with regards to deep healing, Rose Quartz flaunts excellent healing properties for the body as well. With regards to its subject of being a heart healer, Rose Quartz healing crystal can assist with heart-related issues and cardiovascular failures, work on the circulatory system, and guarantee that your heart muscles are pretty much as smooth and solid as could be expected.

Rose Quartz is a mothering healing crystal, rousing support of oneself in the event that one has lost their own mom. It promotes bonding and is a good stone to place on the stomach during pregnancy and to take to the hospital to be near the baby during birth.

To bring in affection or fortify a heartfelt connection, Placing rose quartz mandarin ducks will ensure the bond to grow prosperously. Rose Quartz may likewise be set by the bed or in the relationship corner of the home to reestablish trust and congruity, and empower unequivocal love

Perhaps the most staggering Rose Quartz healing properties are its capacity to heal the heart and set you back in alignment so you feel connected, comforted, and open to all the possibilities and outcomes that a blissful life can bring.

Ways to use Rose quartz in Healing

The Heart gemstone should always be close to you to ensure that your heartstrings are playing notes that are loud and clear. 

Rose Quartz is a popular gemstone to use in Feng Shui. Often, it's recommended to place the Rose Quartz in your bedroom, to improve your love life. Outside of the bedroom, you can also place the healing crystal in the center of the home – where it will radiate out positive energy and pure love to all who visit your home..

If you want to attract an abundance of love, joy, and the grace of gentle-natured self-healing then keep Rose Quartz gemstone connected with your skin by wearing it in the form of crystal jewelleryCrystal Necklaces, and crystal bracelets are a great way of bringing Rose Quartz into your world.

Caring for your Rose Quartz

Being at one with the feminine divine, Rose Quartz is a great crystal stone to charge beneath the light of the moon. Both are synonymous with mother nature, and both are ripe with yin energy meaning that the Rose Quartz will absorb all the femenine energy that the moon sends flowing in her direction. Place your Rose Quartz crystal jewellery outside on nights when the moon is strong.

Rose Quartz, like most gemstones, needs to be cleared of energy build-up to bring it back to its natural loving vibrations. This is especially true after the crystal has been used as part of a healing session. Place it on salt overnight or on a selenite plate to clear off the negative energy. Smudging also helps to keep your crystal's energy vibrant all the time.

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