Manifest the energy you need with healing crystals

Healing crystals are not just superb, shimmering pieces of articles - they have incredible healing properties and can store energies and improve life. They can be customized with certain expectations and desires, supercharging your manifestation. 

When the healing crystal is set with intention or charged, it will help you focus on your goal and achieve it. Gemstones can be set with up to five objectives or intentions.

Preparing your crystal stones for manifestation: 

  • Cleanse your Healing Crystals - We propose smoking it with sage, cleansing it for an hour in a bowl of salt (with no water), or holding it in clean water from a stream(this applies only to water-safe crystals.). 

  • Express your desire - Make sure it is clear. Choose the crystals that have your objectives with the healing properties of the healing crystal you are using, for example, Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, your desire could be: unlimited love coming to your life. 

  • Sit comfortably with your healing crystals and express your intention a couple of times, either in your mind or aloud. You will normally know when your gemstones are charged, you may feel a vibration starting from it, or you might just acknowledge it is done. 

  • Wrap up by saying the point, trailed by, "Gratitude and therefore it is." 

Wearing gemstones will raise your vibration and further draw in your focus and desires to you; the best way to deal with healing crystals is with Crystal jewelry considering the way that the healing stones will contact your skin. 

Always remember, to say the affirmations that you can do anything and achieve anything by the power of your natural crystal stones. Take time to meditate with it and fill in the energy you want to achieve your goal. 

When you are alone speaking to your healing stones from your heart will help you to come to clarity and will help you do things better. 

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Many call them meditation crystals, reiki crystalschakra balancing stones. It is all because of the energy that they store in them during the formation. These natural stones and crystals carry universal energy that is present in every piece of this universe. 

Healing crystals have been part of many cultures and have been used for ages to treat many causes of life.

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Happy buying and happy healing!

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