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Know everything about the protection stone: Black Tourmaline

Ancient people depended upon Black Tourmaline to shield them from earth's evil presences as they cast their spells. Today this crystal stone is as yet considered an exceptional protection stone. A mystical gemstone that safeguards and avoids any negative energies, elements, or dangerous powers. 

What Is Black Tourmaline Made of?

Black Tourmaline is part of the Tourmaline family Which also has red, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue or violet stones. It is also known as Schorl and is a type of boro silicate crystal. It is commonly found in trigonal crystal systems and is made up of Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate Silicate. These stones can be both transparent and opaque in a single specimen. The name Tourmaline comes from an ancient Sinhalese (Sri lanka) word turmali, meaning “a mixed color precious stone,” or turamali, meaning “something small from the earth.” 

Uses Of Black Tourmaline

This Black healing crystal protects against radiation and ecological contaminations and is exceptionally valuable in purging and killing one's own negative thoughts and inner conflicts and transforming them into positive energy.

While Black Tourmaline may appear to be boring black, it's an immensely amazing crystal stone for the individuals who need to wear a steady stream of protection cloak. Powerful, dark, and with solid protection powers, this black gemstone is known for being a swallower of negative energies. It successfully assists the wearer with being cleared of dull negative sentiments, transforming these restless vibrations into a positive twist that supports their spirit.

Black Tourmaline is profoundly associated with the base chakras, those natural roots that assist you with having a sense of security in your place in this world. When your root chakras are wonderfully balanced and under wraps, this awards you that profound self-assurance to accept what your identity is, talk your reality, and set upon your own way to healing from within and this lovely black gemstone can create a beautiful path for you.

Ways to use Black Tourmaline as healing crystal

To capitalize on its protective nature, Black Tourmaline should strike up an affectionate bond with all that it needs to absorb with its strength. Here are our tips on the most proficient method to utilize Black Tourmaline gemstone for your best potential benefit…

As Crystal Jewellery

For the individuals who feel helpless against the world or who have high empath issues, this crystal stone is best worn on the body as crystal jewellery. Having Black Tourmaline gemstone is quite possibly the best approach to wrap the protection cape around your shoulders as utilizing gemstones on direct skin contact guarantees that your body can adequately absorb and change those energy cleansing and chakra balancing vibrations. You can check our black tourmaline bracelet and japa mala beads here.

For Home and office

Protect the vibe of your home and office by placing blacktourmaline crystal pyramids, crystal tumbles in all 4 directions of your home and office. Just not that placing this healing crystal at the entrance of your home and office can help you cut down on many negative energies entering your place.

Protect from EMF

If you want to place an EMF protective forcefield around your home, then take four small pieces of Black Tourmaline, placing an black tourmaline orgone pyramid nearby to emf emitting machines like microwave, computers, routers, laptops etc is said to help you cut the energy field to a large extent

Caring for your Black tourmaline

Since Black Tourmaline works like a wipe, absorbing every one of those negative energies zooming around, it's essential to keep your crystal stone cleansed on a regular basis. 

Black Tourmaline has a big appetite for negative energies. Keeping in mind that it will easily process harmful energies, you should keep it cleansed to stop its intense energy forces from getting obstructed or blocked. You can follow a smudging ritual to clean up the terrible accumulation. Check out our smudging sticks here.

Another method to ensure your Black Tourmaline piece is clear is by placing it in a bowl of salt or on a selenite plate for at least 24 hours. 

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