Four crystals that are known to amplify the energy of full moon.

We all know the full moon is the time where the energy of the universe is at its peak.

The time of the full moon is the peak time to engage in many practices that include, energy cleansing, crystal energizing, psychic practices, intuition work and other practices.

Do you know usually it is said that during full moon everyone will get a sign from the universe with their respective life happenings. Have you ever wondered about those signs? Have you been aware of that?

Keep a lookout for that lunar phase for signs, symbols that present themselves in your life. Today in this blog we bring you 4 amazing healing crystals that are known to boost your energy work.

A full moon's energy carries the energy that can help you in many different ways. This energy I can help you in achieving your success in energy cleansing process completion of healing crystal therapy or to follow your dreams, flow with intuition and manifest your ultimate goal, power or just enhance the protection for the wholeness in your life.

Although, manifesting usually takes the centre stage during the time of full moon there are many things and aspects that its energy shouldn't be overlooked for. The beautiful white light of the full moon illuminates and energizes many things that are within your eye side and as well as hidden from you. This beautiful night calls your attention to potential roadblocks and challenges that you can work on. The full moon is known for its protective qualities for its beautiful energy that is known to boost the existing energy of the world to a more positive one. 

Known as a powerful time for divination work as the intuition of each and every being on the earth is heightened during this period there is no doubt your healing crystals are working and double the capacity on this particular night.

These crystal stones are used in the divination process for ages now. It is widely accepted that the intuition and the sense of learning is heightened during this period. So in order to to increase the power of your learning in whichever way it is you can use these crystal stones to help you grasp better, help you get your results better.

Wasting any time let's get to the list of these four gemstones that are known to enhance the power of moon energy that you absorb during full moon.


This beautiful purple crystal stone amethyst has been used from ages to connect with intuition and psychic skills. Using amethyst during your full moon sessions help you in unraveling the messages and signs that you receive from the universal energy. It is also known that amethyst and its protection abilities charge the other crystals more to become a protection talisman.


This beautiful mystical crystal stone gets its brilliant fire when the light falls on it just the way the moon gets its beautiful shine from the Sun. The fire in the labrador diet is so subtle and so magnanimous it is equivalent to the bright shiny beautiful light of moon. Using these two together, will give you immense protection and the energy to do your divination work. 

Labradorite is known to give you vivid dreams while moon light is known to enhance your dreaming and intuition powers combining these two together on your night off work will give you special enhanced energy to work on.

Rainbow moonstone

Rainbow moonstone belongs to the family of labradorite. This beautiful crystal stone with blue fire is equivalent to labradorite in many ways. The labradorite gives out a colourful fire while the rainbow moonstone gives out a beautiful balanced and calming blue fire which coordinates to the night is what you see in this crystal stone.

With this beautiful blue firestone you can own the energy of the moon you are around whenever you need it. Along with this moon energy, it is known that rainbow moonstone has extremely feminine energy that is known to boost the fertility and abundance  of a female. Using this stone during your divination work on a full moon night is highly recommended if you are working on a goal that needs female energy.


If you are working on manifesting goals moonstone is the gemstone you need the most. This crystal stone carries the wholeness energy of the moon that is known to power you to reach your goal. If you have been missing or wanting to learn something passionately then this is the crystal stone to own during the process owning this beautiful white moonstone is like owning a piece of moon itself with its whole energy field in it.

Since full moon is a time of heightened intuition and enhanced energetic powers of the universe that is available for everyone, it is one of the best times to start working on your goals. Using these four crystals for connecting to universal energy will not only enhance the energy around you but will help you in many ways to reach your goal. 

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