Clear Quartz: Healing Properties, Meaning, and uses

A humble stone that is very ordinary and yet extraordinary in its energies and properties is all we can say about Clear Quartz.  One of the most abundant stones on earth that comprises the largest and most diverse crystal stones in its family.

Highly valued by spiritual seekers and healers, this Crystal stone is known as a master healer for a reason. In this blog let's get to the details of it. 

What is Clear Quartz made of?

This healing crystal is composed of silicon and oxygen commonly referred to as silicon dioxide which is the key component in a wide array of natural substances called silicates. This crystal stone occurs in hexagonal prismatic structures forming masses. Durzy, fibrous and grainy formations.  

Uses Of Clear quartz crystal

The quartz healing crystal is esteemed for its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, by which it can change mechanical tension or hotness into electromagnetic energy, as well as the other way around. Its capacity to focus, intensify, store and change energy is utilized all through the innovation world in ultrasound gadgets, watches, amplifiers, radio transmitters, and recipients, memory contributes PCs and other electronic hardware.

Similar properties of energy intensification, programmability, and memory additionally clarify Quartz as the most adaptable and multi-layered gemstone in the mineral realm for healing, meditation, development of awareness, correspondence with guides, past-life recall, attracting love or prosperity, or practically any reason. 

Be that as it may, with this power comes liability. To profit from Rock Crystal's endowments, one should feel in harmony with it and merit its gifts. Intentions other than for good unavoidably bring hurt back on oneself.

Ways to use Clear quartz in healing

This beautiful clear white healing stone is known to encourage spiritual growth, and connects with energy of all chakras with its prismatic effect in which all colours of lights are formed and hence clear quartz is known as “Master Healer”. 

Clear Quartz is particularly known to be useful to open your crown chakra with its vibration. When you place clear quartz in your home, it carries cleansing positive energy to the home. Take advantage of your own vibrations when worn and down. It oozes healing light and energy when you wear it as jewellery.

If you feel the air is stuck in your home or office due to an argument or overworking, take a clear quartz and smudge your place to uplift the energy. 

Caring your Clear Quartz

Keeping your Clear Quartz purified and charged is the very best method for drawing out its limitless healing properties. Basically run it under flowing water to wash away any blockages and utilise a delicate dry material to clean.

Another simplest way to give this simple looking gemstone a bursting energy of positivity is by placing it in moonlight for at least 4-6 hours. 

With the most simple looks this healing stone is absolutely easiest to care for. 

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