Cleanse your crystals the right way!

Cleanse your crystals the right way!

My grandmother, whenever a healing stone arrived at our home in the form of rings, pendants, necklaces, or just a stone, followed a ritual of 5 days to cleanse it and energize it! 

Yes, she followed a good 5-day ritual! 

As a kid, I was fascinated by the way she cleansed it and energized the stone to radiate the vibrations required for energy healing. 

In India, Crystals and stones have always been part of our culture from ages for energy healing. The usage of these healing stones has proven positive time and again. 

My family has always taken energy healing quite seriously and we follow the same ritual to energize all the Crystals and stones for charging.

This ritual has not failed even once to date!

In this blog, I bring this ritual to help you all and to make your healing crystal all the more in tune with the vibrations to provide the maximum benefits.

This is a 5 step process and done through 5 days. (You can also cut it down to 2.5 days by doing 2 rituals in a day. Remember this is to be done during sunrise and sunset)

Let’s get to the steps.

Step 1/ Day 1:  Once you receive your healing crystal, hold it, and feel how it feels for you. Best time to know the existing energy of the healing crystal is either on the sunrise or sunset. Note what you feel and do not disclose it to anyone. 

Here comes the ritual for the first-day cleansing part.

Hold the crystal in running tap water for 2 minutes. If you have access to natural water bodies with flowing water, you can do this there. While doing this never speak to anyone. Affirm your healing stone with the intention you want it to perform. Make sure every part of it is wet.

Wipe the healing stone and put it near your altar (remember not inside the altar) if you have one. If it is a jewelry, place it close by to you and avoid wearing that day. After this, meditate in front of it for 10 minutes repeating the affirmations. 

Step 2/ Day 2: This day you will be repeating the same steps as above with a small change. 

Instead of using water this day, you will be using milk(preferably cow’s). All you need to do is just soak your crystal in water wait for 2 minutes and cleanse it with water. (A long dip may cause your crystal to become oily and smell of milk! Which I personally hate! Also skip milk cleansing if your crystals are jewelry with metal charms, beads, etc)

If you are a vegan you can do another day of water cleansing and follow the remaining steps. After using milk, cleanse it again with water and keep the healing stone in the sun (rising sun/setting sun) for 2-3 minutes and place it back near the altar. Meditate for 5 minutes in front of it repeating affirmations. Make sure no one touches your haling stone while you energize it with the sun. 

Step 3/ Day 3: In this step, you will be cleansing it with smudge and affirmations. You will tell the crystal to let go of all the negative energies it has collected before reaching you. (Not everyone will handle your crystal with a calm mind.) This step is necessary. You start with smudge first and affirmation later. 

Use any kind of smudging, since you have already cleansed your healing stone twice, the negative energy will be almost nil. (This step is a must- Sometimes heavy or strong negative energy will take time to get released.). 

Place it in the same place where it was for the last 2 days. Nope don’t wear it yet! Patience is the key!!

Step 4/ Day 4: The day you wear it. Take a good bath and feel positive from within and wear/ hold your healing stone and stand in Sun and Moonlight of the day for 3 minutes saying affirmations. Before you sleep, remove and place the healing stone inside your altar or very close to you in case if you don’t have one. 

Step 5/ Day 5: Wear and meditate along with the healing crystal. Feel the energy of the crystal, notice the change it has gone through. By now you will feel the proper positive energy the crystal radiates. Use it to heal the intensions. 

From this day on you can wear/hold/place it nearby whenever you want and where ever you want. You have cleansed and charged your healing crystal.

Never allow anyone to touch your crystals during these 5 days and never speak when you are energizing it. This is the time when the earthly composition of our body and that of healing stones resonates with equal vibrations to heal you from within. 

This ritual can be followed for every new healing crystals you buy. When you find the energy healing property of your crystal is dipping, you can repeat step 4 and step 5 to remove any negative energy accumulation. 

Along with that occasionally, when you feel there is no vibration in your stone, you can repeat the same steps, and to remove the daily accumulation of negativity, you can place the crystals in a bowl of rock salt overnight and replace the salt 2 days once.   

Every healing crystals that go out from Tru Crystals will be energized in the same way following all the steps. We will energize with a general intention the healing stone is meant for.  

Buy our highly energized healing crystals, crystal jewelry, and chakra balancing set today to enjoy the bliss of universal energy flowing through your body and healing you from within.

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