Broken or lost a Healing crystal? Read this

We often get questions on what to do when the crystal stone is broken or lost. So, we thought this topic is something that needs light to be shed on. 

The questions we get range from, “I broke my healing crystal, is it bad omen?” to “is there a meaning behind it?” Recently in one of our gatherings a person shared that their blue apatite crystal has been lost 3 times and shattered once- Yes, there may be meaning behind it. 

We had once a customer say, “I've never lost anything till date, i always keep everything very protected. But, I don't know how my tiger eye stone which was on the table has disappeared when no one is around!” 

There can be numerous potential reasons or implications behind lost or broken gemstones. At times it's simply an awful slip of hand - things get lost, mishaps occur. However, the Universe can work strangely, and messages or miracles can be hidden with the situation…

Today, we try to explain the meanings of lost or broken healing crystals


Broken Gemstones

  1. The energy was not good: We always recommend our customers to cleanse it before wearing the crystals as the box on which it is shipped will be handled by many courier guys. Not everyone’s energy is the same. The reason your so loved japamala beads or Crystal bracelets tore and scattered all over the place is for this reason. The crystal stones can become saturated or overwhelmed by the negative energy absorbed from you. 

  2. You have been hit by psychic attack or evil eye: It is always said that healing crystals are super sensitive to evil eye and psychic attack. But, it is also believed that the self negative vibes can also destroy your gemstones.

  3. Heat: Another reason why crystal stones break is when it is exposed to too much of heat. 

  4. Handling issues: If you have been using your crystals very roughly, regular wear and tear is bound to happen. When you place selenite with labradorite in your pockets, selenite is bound to break due to its natural delicateness. 

  5. Energy was super intense: Healing crystals break when there is no resonance between your energy and its energy- good or bad. 

 Losing Healing crystals

  1. Not the right stone: As we always say “it is the stone that chooses you”, Your crystal may not be the right one for you or your energy. 

  2. A hidden message from the universe- if you are losing the same crystal stone time and again, it means that you got to work on the respecting healing property of that stone. Say, you keep losing tiger eye stone, a tiger eye stone is known to bring inner strength, self esteem, power, protection etc and it is related to solar plexus. The Universe here is giving you a hint that you have to work on your self confidence, or there are chances of you losing power, or your solar plexus is not balanced. 

  3. If it's a protection stone, like the above case, tiger eye stone- you might be in the receiving end of psychic and evil attacks.

  4. The work of crystal stone was accomplished- If you lose a gemstones when you have felt its energy and reaped the benefits, it just means that the work is done and you no longer need the crystal.

If a healing crystal gets lost, or broken / damaged every time you use it, it could mean that the energy of that crystal is not compatible with your own energy.  Energy is made up of particular vibrations and if they become too strong, it can cause damage.  

When a crystal stone is worked with for a while, it is put into a higher frequency and if it isn’t cleared, cleansed and allowed to recharge, it becomes overwhelmed (just like we can).  They will still work, but it is a clear sign that they need a rest.

If it is a selenite plate or any other crystal plate or anything that can be reused, make sure you always bury them inside the earth for at least 48 hours and clear, cleanse and recharge with new intentions and use two halves as 2 new selenite pieces. 

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