Boost your confidence with these 5 healing crystals

Confidence is something that not everyone will have in their life, few people struggle to be confident even when they are fully equipped with the skill set they need. 

Regardless of whether you need to take a big jump in your confidence or on the off chance that you are simply searching for a little morale lift to get you to that next level, crystal stones can help. 

Confidence can be an interesting fiend – in some cases you have it, at times you don't, and some of the time you simply need a little shake to get yourself in the groove again. Confidence can influence everything. It can assist you with settling on choices that are in-accordance with your heart, it can assist you with pulling in the love that you are worthy of. 

A right amount of confidence can push you onto various pathways throughout everyday life, ensuring you don't lose the adequate chance that is sitting tight for you. Then again, self-question keeps you down and can make you question your own force and lead to low confidence.

Today, in this blog we bring you 8 healing crystals that carry the energy that can boost your confidence and help you reach your goal and own your life the way you always wished. 

These 8 crystal stones help you in boosting your confidence along with energy healing  in other areas of your life. 

Tiger Eye

The beautiful Tiger eye stone helps you shake off the fear you have nurtured all the while. Giving you a robust focus, Tiger eye stone is known to release your fears that are holding you back. This helps in making better decisions and judgements. 

The Tiger eye stone is not just for breaking your fears, this beautiful brown crystal stone brings fortune along with a sturdy and robust inner strength that you can always rely on. 


Red carnelian is a lovely stone that brings happy vibes instantly.This lovely crystal stone is known to boost confidence and self worth. 

Known as a gemstone for solar plexus, a chakra which determines the confidence and self esteem of a person, this gemstone undoubtedly help one to overcome the trauma of bullying, strict upbringing, or authoritarian parents, or those who have suffered mental or physical abuse and those who tend to have difficulty in chakra balancing.

This healing crystal undoubtedly assists you with accepting the challenges that life throws at you  and to feel that inward strength to conquer all deterrents in our way.

Lapis Lazuli

This royal crystal stone is known for ages and used in the crowns of kings and queens of ancient times to boost their self worth. 

This stone is associated with the third eye chakra, the spot that assists you with taking advantage of your own boundless instinct. Regardless of what the world tosses at you, some place somewhere inside you have the appropriate response and Lapis welcomes you to discover and believe in nature wholeheartedly. It additionally interfaces with the throat chakra, the spot that holds every one of your realities. 

This gemstone of self awareness helps you to know your true worth and boost your self worth and bring that awareness you had lost about yourself.


Not only will this healing crystal bring brilliant energy your way, it is otherwise called the fortunate and lucky merchant stone which implies it has the ability to attract bounty of wealth and satisfaction.

Citrine's lively, cheerful energy is superb for expanding energy and assisting you with feeling more good. Low confidence and energy levels are firmly connected, so by boosting one you'll consequently improve the other. 

Citrine can likewise help in energy cleansing gathered from others' negative remarks and musings. 

With its nearby relationship with the Solar Plexus, bright citrine is a brilliant choice for improving low certainty, boosting confidence and returning a genuine shine to your life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a brilliant reminder that occasionally you need to absorb your confidence to draw out your sure side. 

It slips you into a feeling of solace and assists you with disentangling your feelings and holds nothing back from affection, trust, and empathy. 

We highly recommend  rose quartz to individuals who experience the ill effects of low self-assurance. Rose quartz assists you with tolerating yourself and the worth you can bring to other people, which is fundamental for pulling in affection. This, thus, helps your confidence – particularly when you see yourself as not worthy of affection.

Confidence isn't something we are born with, now and then we need to go out there and hold onto it for ourselves. 

It's a quality that absolutely requires some investment of time, tolerance, exertion, and work and this is the place where healing crystals can assist with sharpening your abilities. 

Confidence accompanies accepting who you are, shaking off the myths of being too much or too less. At the point when you find that pot of fearlessness gold you can be bolder in your choices and you can venture forward into carrying on with your fullest lives. Go forward and thrive is all we want to say to you!!

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