Blue Apatite: Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

Apatite is a double activity Crystal stone, known for its positive utilization of individual ability to accomplish goals. 

This healing crystal cleans up confusion and negative feelings and puts you in the motivated right direction. It stimulates the acumen to extend information and truth, which might be utilized for self-awareness or for a long-term benefit.

Blue Apatite is a profoundly spiritual crystal stone with a cleansing effect on the atmosphere, particularly the psychological body.

What is Blue Apatite made of?

Blue apatite healing crystal falls into the category of phosphate minerals that make up the teeth and bones of all vertebrate animals and their horns, antlers, or tusks. 

Blue Apatite crystal stone might be light, brilliant, or dark blue, and this can happen within one piece of this precious healing stone. The name Apatite is gotten from a Greek word signifying "to trick" in light of the fact that the assortment of colors and appearances in which this crystal stone grows, makes it simple to misrepresent it for different minerals.

It could be yellow, blue, green, brown, dark, or lackluster, yet the Apatite crystal stones utilized for metaphysical purposes are basically better gemstone pieces in blue, green, and gold.

Uses of Blue Apatite Healing stone

Blue apatite, in the same way as other different gemstones, has numerous advantages and holds a lot of importance. Individuals have found that it can assist with inspiration, aspiration, fearlessness, and self-acknowledgment. As a general rule, blue gemstones are related to the brain's association with the spiritual world. This fundamentally implies no sort of coordinated religion, but instead an opening of your brain and heart, which permits you to get to your credible self.

Many individuals use apatite healing stones to assist them to grasp their inward world better and knowing their necessities, needs, and the issues they're confronting.

On top of these mystical and profound advantages, apatite healing stones can be utilized to improve actual well-being also. It might come as a shock, yet a kind of apatite as a natural mineral is found in our teeth and bones.

Ways to use Blue apatite in healing

Blue Apatite is related to the throat chakra, likewise called Vishuddha Chakra. The throat chakra, obviously, has an association with blue and is for the most part connected to our correspondence capacities.

Utilizing blue apatite healing crystal can unblock the throat chakra, which makes it simpler to convey and articulate one's thoughts in alternate ways. 

The indications of an impeded or blocked throat chakra can incorporate sensations of social nervousness and timidity, trouble communicating your thoughts, and shyness - most certainly things we need to stay away from!

This gemstone has solid properties that can strongly affect the people who use it. In that capacity, individuals who haven't experienced it beforehand ought to practice alert while initially starting to work with this chakra balancing stone.

A reasonable initial step is to put a blue apatite healing crystal under your pillow at the night, which can bring about distinctive and, surprisingly, prophetic dreams.

When it comes to the throat chakra balancing, using apatite crystals helps to unblock the energy flow. Place this beautiful chakra balancing stone on tour throat chakra before you go to sleep for atleast 10 minutes and say your affirmations. 

How to care for Blue Apatite

Wearing apatite crystal jewelry has no ill effects on the people who wear it - yet as a gentler healing stone, it can get scratched and dented easily. Crystal bracelets are not great for flaunting your apatite, as they are exposed and vulnerable to damage. 

We suggest you wo work with free forms of this beautiful blue stone to get the most of it without worrying for its damage. Free forms like tumble stones, palm stones etc will help. 

We suggest you to cleanse your lue apatite stone by placing it on selenite plate or in moon light. 

Final Thoughts

Blue apatite is both beautiful and powerful. Using it in your daily life and spiritual practices can be highly beneficial, making it fundamental to your overall health.  Apatite enhances creativity and awakens the finer, inner self.

It is a stone of the future and brings knowledge to those attuned to it. It may be used as an interface point between consciousness and matter to translate our humanitarian aspirations into healing, information, communication and teaching.

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