Angelite Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

The beautiful and soothing blue healing crystal Angelite is known to connect you to your angels and allow you to receive the required guidance from them. 

This is one of those crystal stones that essentially overflows the energies of spiritual healing. With beautiful shades as delicate as angel wings or the pale blue sky streaked with promises, the Angelite Gemstone brings its blue tone, its ethereal energy, and its messages from the other realm directly to your heart.

What is Angelite made of?

Angelite is made of calcium sulfate and is a type of gypsum. This healing crystal is formed when celestite has been compacted and pressed hard for a long period of time. It's a delicate gem with a light blue tone and is profoundly defenseless to absorbing dampness. 

This loving and healing crystal stone that reserved far away for a long time and was just found in 1987 in the mysterious Inca terrains of Peru. It is some of the time called Anhydrite from the Greek expression for 'without water. 

This is on the grounds that Angelite is brought into the world from dried regions where Gypsum Crystals once sat in the water bodies. As the millennia ticked on, the water evaporates, and the precious crystal stones get compacted, pressed, and consequently - the delicate blue Angelite is conceived. Since its disclosure in Peru, it has additionally been mined in Britain, Poland, Libya, Germany, Mexico, and Egypt.

Uses Of Angelite in Healing

The importance of Angelite gemstone is to bring alleviating and tranquil energy. A crystal stone that can immediately help you connect with the Angel realm, the Angelite gemstone importance is totally associated with the higher self and discovering your spiritual sense and feeling of the direction.

A blue crystal stone that calls into power, dreams, instinct, delicate self-articulation, and an extended true serenity. Look at all the shining healing properties of Angelite and perceive how it can recuperate your body, mind, and soul.

Ways to Use Angelite in healing

Just by placing it in your home, you will welcome its healing powers. It brings calm and harmony to any family. Assuming you place the Angelite healing crystal under your cushion or pillow, it will permit clear dreaming and will bring you effectively into the soul realm.

Whenever you participate in Reiki, Guardian Angels healing, and tarot, bring the crystal stone into your practices and it will get new types of energy.

Wear it in a wide range of different crystal jewelry like crystal bracelets, and crystal necklaces, which are well known. Simply remember that the gemstone ought to never get wet. If the healing crystal is in direct contact with your skin, this will permit healing light to infiltrate into your being without any problem.

Carrying this beautiful gemstone with you effects as the day progressed, you will allow yourself to continually be reminded to keep yourself open and to be prepared to get spiritual direction in any place you may be during your day.

If you find yourself in overwhelming situations, touching the healing crystal will assist in how you deal with these situations. It also builds a stronger sense of compassion within you.

How to care for your Angelite Healing Crystal?

Since the stone is ultra reactive to water, we suggest you not use water cleansing or salt. Smudging with sage would be ideal for an Angelite healing crystal

Hold your Angelite in sage smoke for atleast 3 to 5 minutes, another safe way would be to place it on a selenite plate. 

If you want to charge up your Angelite then placing it under the full moon for the night or keeping it close with other healing crystal clusters can be an amazing way to fill it back to the brim with its vibrant healing light.

Final Thoughts

Angelite is an incredibly instinctive gemstone for people who are on a genuine path of spirituality. If you have any desire to peer past the fringe and begin really sustaining your clairvoyant gifts or a more profound self-appreciation, this is the gemstone that supports that work.

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