All you need to know about Citrine

Citrine is a beautiful stone that is of beautiful sunshine yellow color. This lively crystal stone has been ranking first in the favourite charts of many healing crystal lovers. The energy of this bright gemstone is all you need if you are looking for success, opportunities and unlimited positive energy. Citrine is like a beautiful summer holiday to your mind, body and soul! Happy and vibrant!

What is Citrine made of?

Citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, ranging in color from pale to golden yellow, honey or almost brown, and may contain rainbow or sparkle inclusions. The name comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Most Natural Citrine gemstones are a pale yellow color. Indian citrine crystal stones are known to be yellow and are commonly known as yellow topaz or quartz topaz. Koderma area of Jharkhand state is known for its citrine deposit.

Uses of Citrine

Beyond its beauty, there are many reasons why you gotta own this warm and loving healing crystal. This radiant crystal stone instantly affects the wellbeing and abundance of your body, mind, and soul. Citrine is so splendid and favored that it can't hold awful negative energy, implying that you can always depend on it to take those difficult life paths and change it into something uncommon and beneficial.

Called The Merchant's Stone for its properties of expansion in the cashbox, shimmering yellow Citrine helps with gaining abundance, also helps in looking after it. It is a healing crystal of abundance, drawing in abundance and prosperity, achievement, and everything great. 

It likewise empowers your generosity and allows you to share your fortune. Citrine crystal stone aids all quick cash ventures and is particularly useful in finance and speculation and for business achievement. 

Ways to use citrine in healing

There are a few different ways to bring the radiant light of Citrine into your life. Regardless of whether you enhance yourself in gemstone adornments like crystal bracelets, crystal jewellery etc Citrine deserves a place in everybody's life, as let's be honest – we as a whole get dull at times. Here are the most ideal approaches to bring the amazing warmth of Citrine into your heart and home…

Home and Office

Citrine is an alluring crystal stone to have around the home as it immediately makes an air that you need to remain in. If you have any corners or rooms in your home that appear to have a despairing negative vibe than others, Citrine could be the crystal stone of daylight you need. 

As Citrine is otherwise called the Merchants Stone it assists you with manifesting business, it will be a highly ideal plan to place Citrine's orgone pyramid in the workplace as it can help your cash tree to blossom into an excellent being. 

Being a gemstone that kicks out pessimism and stress and assists you with changing your own power to the world, it's no big surprise that Citrine is an unmistakable secret weapon in the realm of business or just in attracting what you need and desire.

As Crystal Jewellery

One of the many benefits of choosing crystal jewellery as a way to bring Citrine into your life is because it vibrates directly against the skin. When you choose Citrine crystal bracelets to sit against the skin, there is no barrier and your body is directly able to absorb the powerful energy of the healing crystal citrine.

If you are looking for other crystal stones that beautifully complement Citrine then be sure to turn to Amethyst with its serene soft vibes. Other stones include Rose Quartz for upping those levels of self-love, clear quartz and tiger eye for mental strength and clarity, Labradorite for preserving the sanity of the soul, Fluorite for its  rainbow moods, and Sunstone for even more golden warmth. Green aventurine, Jaspers, Topaz, Smoky Quartz, and Tourmaline are other stones that easily make a great match for the yellow citrine stone. Citrine usually goes well with many other gemstones.

How to care for your Citrine?

Keeping your Citrine cleansed and charged is significant if you need to get the most elevated levels of healing and benefits. Despite the fact that Citrine is one of the lone crystal stones to have the option to shake off harmful energy as opposed to holding it, it doesn't imply that cleansing and charging must be evaded for the brilliant yellow stone. 

cleanse it with clean and fresh water and dry altogether. Make an effort not to open your Citrine to an excessive amount of direct sun as it's a bright stone in itself and doesn't need any extra warmth. 

If you need to re-energize the batteries of your splendid and blasting Citrine then, then place your citrine on a selenite plate and a yellow light close to it at sunrise.


Citrine is more like honey, love, citrus fruits, and everything great. It's a dazzling stone of bounty and doesn't avoid assisting you with accomplishing what you deserve and need.

Numerous individuals go to Citrine to help them bring more riches. This should be possible both from a money-related perspective yet additionally with regards to more grounded wellbeing, or a wealth of uplifting tones so are less inclined to be less likely to get down by the tiring paths the world sometimes makes us walk down.

With this gemstone hugging your wrist, you can be certain that your own force is never out of reach again. Confidence, fearlessness, and heaps of positive energy are prepared to course through when you go to the crystal healing of this quartz gemstone.

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