All you need know about Selenite

There are numerous, colorful healing crystals available across the world. Quite a few are really rare and some are a feast to your eyes. But, across the world there is one crystal stone regarded as powerful, beautiful and a cleansing stone- Selenite.

Selenite is a well known healing crystal with regards to cleansing and clearing the home or office space. It removes negative energy and improves clear positive energy, aligns and makes any space calmer and soothing. 

It is said that Selenite opens channels into different realms of universes. It improves cooperation in gatherings and associations so it's an extraordinary gemstone  to have in your workplace.

What is Selenite made of?

Gypsum is the mother rock of Selenite gemstone. Gypsum is often clear/see through and glass like can be a part of Selenite or come as stand-alone pieces. As the popular white Selenite crystal stone, it can also come in other colours like Salmon Orange and orange.

The selenite gemstone with orange shades still has the same healing properties as white Selenite with the addition of encouraging a creative nature! 

Alternate names of selenite includes, Gypsum, Satin Spar, Divine light and liquid light.

Selenite crystal uses

Selenite Gemstone clears the auric field, unwanted energy in the body or surrounding environment, and from other crystals. This healing crystal is associated with the crown chakra, which represents spiritual connection and transformation. It is also related to the third eye chakra which helps in developing intuitive knowledge. 

Selenite as a crystal stone is excellent to work with during meditation, channeling, or connecting with your higher self or spirit guides. The name selenite came from the Greeks, who named the crystal stone after their moon goddess Selene who is known to own the power of harnessing the ability to awaken intuition and to catalyze psychic visions.

 It has long been used by many civilizations all over the world for spiritual, emotional, physical and decorative purposes.

3  ways to use selenite in your crystal healing

  1. Clear your Auric field: We are energy beings. Everything shows up in our auric field first before it shows up in our physical realities. Keeping our energy clear should be our foremost thing to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.  You can use selenite gemstone to clear your aura by simply taking the crystal stone and running it down all around you, as if you’re combing your aura.

  2. Mediation:  Since healing crystal selenite is associated with the crown and third eye chakras, it is a powerful meditation aid because it clears and opens these energy centers. Holding it in your hands or placing a small piece of selenite on your forehead and crown area will help you open up new realms. 

  3. Cleansing and amplifying other crystals:  Placing selenite near other crystals will cleanse and charge them. If you haven’t cleared your crystals in a while, simply place selenite around them. There are even selenite slabs that you can place your crystals on. You can also amplify the energy of a specific crystal you’re working with with your selenite wand. You can check out our wide range of selenite plates here

Caring Selenite

Selenite is self-purifying, but on prolonged usage it retains negative energy, it will be ideal to charge it under the moon. 

 You can likewise run it through purifying smudging smoke like incense, sage smoke. Selenite can be lightly rinsed in water. Don’t soak it as it will eventually dissolve. 

 It can likewise scratch and be broken very easily, so assume care to not position it close to anything harsh or sharp. Selenite really is an excellent gemstone to work with. Since it is an intuition enhancer, you can pay attention to your intuitions with regards to how to utilize it in different ways that best suit you.

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