9 orgonite pyramid benefits you didn't know about

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9 orgonite pyramid benefits you didn't know about

Orgone pyramids are one of the lovely looking crystal products. They are not just lovely and pretty to look at, they hold immense energy healing capabilities. 

The term orgone was introduced to the world by Dr. William Reich an Austrian scientist who on his research found an easy way to tap into the cosmic universal energy through the usage of a combined mix of quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, metals and resin in a combination to balance out the life energy that is also known as prana, chi or orgone.

Orgonite pyramids clears the negative energy in its surroundings by the friction generated by the metal and gemstones within resin when the energy passes through them. The resin used to make orgone pyramids works as a conductive layer and spreads the positivity across. 

Today in this blog, we bring you the 9 benefits of orgone pyramids that you didn't know about!

Removes negative energy

Any negative vibes and energy in your body and mind is known to cause sickness and ailments. This also applies for your home. An orgonite Pyramid when placed in home can help you remove these negative energies effectively. 

Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid

Shield you from EMF radiation

It is said that orgone pyramids help you protect yourself and your family from EMF, a side effect of your gadgets filled life. The harmful radiations from each and every gadget and electronic item that you use on a regular basis may damage the health you own. Using an orgone pyramid may help you in this regard.

Happier mood

It is said that orgonite crystal pyramids give the user a high and happy energy, helping them to concentrate better and to arrive at good decisions. 

Health improvements

With the help of orgonite crystal pyramids, an individual may feel healthy physically and mentally. This is on the grounds that the negative vitality is changed into a positive one and the progression of vitality is constant with no blockages.

7 Chakra Orgonite Pyramid

Better sleep

Do you know orgone pyramids are known to help your sleeping patterns? Many have claimed that keeping a 7 chakra orgone pyramid near bed allows them to enjoy relaxation at first and a deep sleep later. 

Helps your plants to grow better

 With emf protection, the plants gain the necessary positive vitality that they need to grow. Placing an orgone pyramid next to your loving plant can help them grow better.

Helps in spiritual journey

With the positive vitality that brings in relaxation, placing an orgone crystal pyramid in your meditation room aids in your spiritual journey by projecting higher vibrational energies.

Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pyramid

Balance your Mood

7 chakra orgone pyramids are known to balance the life energies and bring balance to your from within. This helps you look at your life in a beautiful new perspective. 

Unending Positive Vibes

With the beautiful pyramid shape, these orgone pyramids provide its user an unending and regenerative positive vibes. Place it anywhere you feel negative vibes to bring back the positivity. 

With these advantages originating from orgonite pyramids, its hard to resist to own one. You can own yours too by clicking this link.

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