9 crystals that motivate you to the core.

Motivation is something that is very challenging and is yet very easily available to everyone. Motivation is also a thing that is very easily lost. Struggling with lack of motivation is something that everyone goes through. 

It's often very easy to feel motivated when you start a new goal or a new work. After the initial excitement is worn off, demotivation takes place.

There are many ways to come out of this particular phase of demotivation. Using healing crystals is one such beautiful way which will keep you motivated at every single point you keep working on your goal. 

Healing crystals are a constant reminder of what you want to do and what you are supposed to achieve. In this blog today, we bring you 9 crystal stones that help you keep motivated all the time and reach your goal. 

Without any further delay let us get into the list of crystal stones.

Tiger eye

Tiger eye is a beautiful crystal stone that is related to the sacral Chakra. This is related to the survival instinct of a human being. This crystal stone is known to boost your instinct and put you back on your feet. Tiger crystal stone is also known to boost your confidence and remove the fear that you may be going through and which is leading to laziness.


Related to the Crown Chakra this stone enables you to do what you need to achieve your goal. This beautiful purple crystal stone is known to boost the knowledge and bring you back to the awareness of what you need to do. Just not that, amethyst crystal is also known to clear the energy of your Aura. This energy cleansing helps you to remove any bad energy that might be causing the laziness.


Carnelian is a bright red crystal stone that brings passion and fire while keeping you focused on your goal. This gemstone is awesome at encouraging to reach your goal. The Carnelian healing crystal is also known as a perfect stone when you need to solve a problem. A must have stone that anyone would need when the motivation levels are super low.

Green aventurine

This beautiful green stone is known to bring opportunities and luck to its user. Green aventurine is related to heart Chakra and it unblockes this particular Chakra by allowing you to see what exactly you are missing. This healing crystal  invites you to let go of old stories and habits that are not serving you for your highest potential. Bringing you new opportunities in your field, the gemstone gives you the boost required to be active and motivates you from the heart. 


This beautiful white stone is known to clear the unwanted energy and cleansing the negative energy that might be hindering your motivation. Selenite crystal stone is all about progress and peace. It makes way for every possible thing that you intend to do. It fills you up with the calm energy and allows you to think clearly towards your goal. Turn this angelic vibrations of selenite to your motivation by keeping it with you all the time.

Lapis lazuli

Known as the stone of awareness this gemstone keeps you aware of your desires. Lapis lazuli healing crystals can put you back on the path of intuition and rekindle your sense of self when you are able to own your truth and speak your mind. You may find your motivation that works at a consistent level rather than on the bumpy road.


Fluorite is a gemstone that is known to improve the focus and concentration of its user. Fluoride works to cleanse and clear the mind and to make sure that you are tuned to your focus and purpose. It is also an awesome grounding stone to keep you aware of your position and help you to find a way to reach your goal. 


This beautiful deep red healing crystal has been part of jewellery making from ages. This is not just for its sheer beauty, but also for its bold energy that never holds back the user until pushed to the next level. The healing crystal garnet comes in the spirit of motivation, energy and passion. The same energy is transferred to its user by rising their confidence and shaking of those shackles of doubts and disbelief. 


Known as the fools gold this beautiful Golden stone is nothing less than a manifesting tool for everyone. The word Pyrite comes from the Greek word which means fire, it brings back the power and the fire which has been lost with the laziness or demotivation to reach your goal. Pyrite can also help you to manifest money abundance and desire.

With these beautiful nine stones there is no doubt that you can rekindle the lost motivation. But, it is also important to remember motivation is awesome and incredibly important to help you stay focused on your goal.

The energy of each crystal stone will make sure that you stay tuned to your heart, soul and desire.

Do share us which is your favourite healing stone among these 9. You can write to us at support@trucrystals.com

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