8 crystals to heal your soul from grief and loss

Grief is something that everyone goes through. Dealing with loss is never easy for anyone; it is always time consuming and requires a lot of effort.

A grief can be of any form whether it is the death of the closest family member,  losing a job or  losing your love of life. 

Grief can be of any form . But getting back what you have lost is something very tough. 

Handling grief is messy but there is no straight line path which you can draw when you are in grief to overcome it. There are many ways in which you can overcome this messy state of mind.

Healing crystals are one of the ways which can help you to come back to your happy self. Healing crystals or not any magical beings or creation of this world. These crystal stones with their energy healing capacity I will help you to comfort yourself when you are in deep sorrow.

Each gemstone has different powers while some bring energy of compassion, others bring in strength, happiness, love and motivation.

These crystal stones are known to ease pain and help you come out of that unbearable grief that you might be going through and help you get back the life which you have been destined for.

In this article we bring you 8 beautiful healing crystals that are known to help you in the time of grief and loss. Without wasting any time further let's get to the list.

The Crystal stones with high energy healing power will help you remove the layers of grief that you have accumulated over the years. Today we bring you healing crystals that help you keep you grounded and provide a beam of light that can show you the path of happiness. 


    This beautiful bright red crystal stone is known to bring happiness and remove the cloud of gloom from your life. A carnelian is a healing crystal that chases away the grief and keeps you in the present by supporting you emotionally and making you feel safe and strong to carry the weight of the situation. Shop carnelian crystals here

    Rose quartz 

      This beautiful pink stone is all you need to embrace the love that you have been negating by yourself in grief. Rose quartz is one of the gentlest healing crystal that is known to heal the heart Chakra heart is where all the emotion is and healing this Chakra will give you the sense of feeling and achieving the love of life. Keeping a rose Quartz in your you during the time of grief will reassure you the compassion and calmness that you have lost. It can be particularly helpful during this stage when all the feelings of guilt and self blame can flood your soul. You can buy Rose Quartz here and heal you from within with the love of the universe


        Another beautiful pink stone but with the hints of blacks which can show you the love and the pain which the two faces of life. Rhodonite is a healing crystal that is rich in giving the healing energy of self love and heal you are old wounds. Rhodonite also helps you to let go of the emotional pain that you have been going through with wounds past and help you embrace the emotions of acceptance. 

        You can shop rhodonite crystal here.


          A crystal stone known as the stone of new beginnings is nothing less than a moral to everyone. Moon in the universe teaches everyone that the life is full of different phases. There are highs and there are low Tides in everyone's life. Moonstone as a healing crystal is helpful especially in guiding you through the grief that comes with depression and help you to control the anger with its calmness. Moonstone can help you calm down and look forward to the new beginning of your life. You can own your Moon stone here.


            Pyrite, a stone known as fools gold is also a stone of strength, radiance and protection. It helps you to remember your courage and your strength to shine your inner truth. Purifying and transmuting, this healing crystal provides encouragement when you are feeling low, just not that, the gemstone also brings you the much-needed luck to start the new phase of your life. You can shop this beautiful collection of gold stone here.


              Known as the natural tranquilizer, this beautiful purple stone is all you need when you are in deep loss and pain. Amethyst crystal is associated with the third eye and also known as the Crystal for your brain activities. These serene purple stones soothe your Mind body and soul. Amethyst gemstone will comfort and balance your emotions when it is much needed. This stone helps you to come out of stress and think practically. You can own this beautiful stone here

              Smoky quartz

                Known for being a powerful grounding stone, smoky quartz is the best healing stone to bring emotional calmness and balance. This gemstone is a perfect pic to help you overcome feelings of negativity, sadness and depression that are very common in the depth of grief and loss. Apart from that this gemstone is also known to give highest protection to its wearer. You can own this stone to protect yourself from negative energy that might be consuming you during the time of grief. Own your smoky quartz here


                  This beautiful pleasant Blue Stone will give you the required courage during the time of grief. With its highly calming energies, this healing stone reduces the stress and helps quiet the mind. For sensitive people, who are in grief, this is the perfect stone to relieve their depression of losing something. Aquamarine is also known as a stone that helps you overcome fear and release emotional baggage. With this beautiful crystal stone it is for sure to overcome the sadness. You can shop aquamarine bracelets here.

                  Whether you have lost love of life, suffered a bad relationship or have lost your money, healing crystals can help you look forward to the future with their gentle caring energy healing properties.

                  With the use of healing crystals you will learn to release your anger, sorrow and disappointment in life. These crystal stones are known to bring balance in your life by introducing calmness to your life.
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