7 crystals for good health and wellness

These 7 healing crystals are known to take your wellness and staying healthy to a new height. Read on to know more.

With regards to keeping ourselves fit and feeling fine and healthy, we as a whole know the mantra. Rest well, eat well, decrease pressure and stress, and move your body. 

While this is great benchmark guidance for holding your wellbeing within proper limits, here and the support of mental and spiritual wellbeing is also something that we all need to work on. It is only when you are mentally driven you can show the results physically. 

Practicing spiritual wellbeing helps you make your mind robust. 

Crystal stones can assist you with taking advantage of a more profound feeling of health. Since the beginning of man, these gemstones have been utilized to assist with healing. Gemstones can assist you with losing negative habits, flush your chakras of blockages, support your body and brain to be healthy and positive, and can control you towards more elevated levels of self esteem and self-care. 

In any event, for the individuals who are weary and skeptical of new age healing, a self-influenced placebo effect can positively affect the body. For every one of the individuals who need to develop their ability, welcome an array of good energy, and remain healthy these are the best gemstones known for wellbeing.

There are 1,000 ways by which healing crystals can help in better and more healthy living and each crystal stone comes with its own energies.

A few gemstones can be utilized to safeguard you from negative energies, others clear the mind of stress, self-uncertainty, and uneasiness that can burden you. Other sets of healing crystals support strong sleep and positive vibrations, and few others leave an enduring effect on the actual body. 

We have picked 7 precious crystal stones for health and wellbeing and here they are listed below.


Amazonite has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, Energy Healing, and chakra balancing. It helps in filtering out stress, physical traumas, and soothing energies.

Amazonite is known for maintaining good health in general. This beautiful blue green healing crystal aids in cell regeneration and healing after illnesses, trauma, or injury, and relieves muscle spasms.   It may be used in treating disorders of the throat and thyroid gland. Amazonite gemstone is helpful in balancing the metabolic processes related to calcium assimilation.  Check our amazonite collections here.


Mookaite Jasper is a physically stabilizing crystal stone thought to boost the immune system and help counter the effects of aging. This healing crystal is considered highly restorative for tissue deterioration of the internal organs, and useful in treating cystitis, high blood sugar, and disorders of the kidneys and bladder. 

Mookaite jasper can boost the immune system and lower high blood pressure. It's a highly restorative stone that can help in restoring tissues and prevent the deterioration of the internal organs. This gemstone can aid in problems related to the bladder or the kidney, and it can soothe problems related to the digestive system. Check out our mookaite jasper collection here.


This crystal stone’s calming effect helps with nervous disorders, such as anxiety and depression, feelings of guilt, and hyperkinetic movement. It is also a beneficial gemstone for women by reducing menstrual pain and is conducive to happy pregnancies by relieving the anxieties of first-time mothers. This beautiful green blue healing crystal is also beneficial for high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, diabetes - particularly Type 2, and blood disorders and problems of the lungs. Check our chrysocolla collections here


A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a crystal stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. This gleaming gemstone is awesome at lifting the weight of anxiety and depression and can also help promote decent sleep and better hormonal balance. For those who suffer from their monthly cycles, Moonstone can entice your body into a better flow.  Check our moon stone collection here


Aquamarine is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust, and letting go. It helps one to find inner peace.  Associated with the Throat chakra, Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking and is an excellent crystal stone for regulating hormones, stabilizing your immune system, and keeping your eyes and glands flushed with health. This healing crystal relaxes speakers to a stage of consciousness in which they are fully aware of their own truths, wisdom, and feelings, and able to articulate them with clarity and conviction. It also allows one to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations. Own your aquamarine crystal bracelet here

Blood Stone

The Bloodstone has forever been tied up with physical health and wellbeing. This gemstone was an amulet on the battlefields as it was believed to staunch wounds, reinvigorate someone suffering from exhaustion, and to purify the blood. It is also a tonic against colds and flu and can nurture a creative and focused approach to problem-solving. Bloodstone is a great stone to have close by when you are keeping more fatigued than normal. Anyone on the edge of burnout will benefit greatly from its energy-boosting powers. Those healing from injury can also turn to Bloodstone to accompany them on the road to recovery. Check our blood stone mala here


Carnelian is a fiery and warm crystal stones that is connected with the lower chakras. It can stir up a dormant libido, help people who have addictive personalities detox, and can stimulate your muscles to move giving you a big burst of energy when you need it the most. Turn to Carnelian gemstone when you need a bright burst of vitality to get you back on your feet. Check our carnelian tumble stones here

Clear Quartz

The Master Healer, Clear Quartz is a magician of many trades and has awesome amplifying properties. This shimmering healing crystal knows exactly how to cleanse you from tip to toe and also brings positive high vibrations, deep spiritual healing, and can kickstart your metabolism. Use Clear Quartz when you want to clean your aura, chakra balancing, and put your best self into being. This crystal stone is all about the long game and stimulates brighter feelings when dullness seems to have set in. check our clear quartz collections here.

Health can be our one true wealth and it's so important to learn to listen to our bodies and to make choices that lead us to live long and loving lives. Healing Crystals have long been used in alternative medicine or just as an amulet of intention to send healing vibrations where they are needed. We have learnt that health is all we need during this time of pandemic. Embrace the energy of these beautiful crystal stones and balance your mind, body and soul.

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