6 healing crystals to boost your intuitions

These 6 healing crystals can help you tap into the inner well of wisdom and allow you to access your psychic powers. 

Intuition is something that each one of you would like to have and at every point of life. But, not everyone is so intune with their energies to get it so often and which are true. 

Learning to trust your inner self also referred to as gut is the most important skill any man can harness. The gut is supposed to be humans' second brain and can be substantial in letting you know how you feel about something before your mind can even process.

So many of you loosen your grasp on your intuitions/gut feeling after some time, you block out and can even choose not to see your instinct. This can prompt you feeling lost, incapable to decide, and detached from your center selves. This is the place where Healing crystals can help. 

Healing crystals with their energy always keeps you aware of your own energies and helps you know yourself better than anything. Gemstones nurture your intuitions and allow you to access them.

For all those who are looking to access their third eye and have good and trustful intuitions these 6 healing stones are the go to gemstones you need to own when working with third eye. 

Without any further delay let us get to the list of these lovely energy healing crystals that boost your intuitiveness.

Clear Quartz

The ace healer, Clear Quartz is known to project your fantasies, dreams and showing your inner-self. This healing stone is the epitome of perceptive reasoning and clear thoughts that go past the brain and sink into the body. When you have the clarity from tip to toe, you are better prepared to tune in to what the body needs to say. Check out our clear quartz collection here

Lapis Lazuli

A stone known to bring self awareness. Lapis lazuli is a rich blue crystal stone that always helps you connect to your deeper self. A mascot of the third eye chakra, Lapis is one of those profoundly supernatural stones that sets you on the right track through to your instinct. This healing crystal is tied in with developing mindfulness and is additionally called the stone of wisdom. Insight, mindfulness, instinct – this is the sacred trinity for allowing your fact to stream. Own this wisdom crystal stone by shopping here


Rationale, truth, and intuition are the embodiment of the Sodalite stone. This enthusiastic gemstone is notable for assisting you with taking advantage of clairvoyant capacities yet from a grounded place of strength rather than erratic reasoning. This crystal stone allows you to look within and align to your perfect self. Shop this lovely blue stone here


Always having the chance to work, Malachite doesn't stop. This stone is amazing at getting out your heart chakra and your throat chakra. This gemstone clears a path for essentialness, trust, and wisdom to make their imprint and for you to move into your instinct all while feeling grounded and ever prepared to accept good positive change. Shop this beautiful green stone here

Moon Stone

Everlastingly gleaming light-since ages, the moon has been enlightening pathways and driving individuals out of the dim woods. Moonstone is brimming with female energy which is regularly connected to instinctive strength or the gut feeling. It's likewise a balancing and grounding stone. This beautiful white crystal stone can help quiet chaotic feelings which can sometimes lead you off track. With its constant and soft energy moonstone is a lovely addition to your intuition journey. Own this lovely stone here


Labradorite gleams with mistic characteristics yet one of its significant qualities is assisting with enlightening your instinct and giving you the directions you need to rekindle your intuitiveness. This healing crystal is about revelation and causing you to play with probability. Just not that, this gemstone is one of the best to keep your aura protected helping you to reach your inner self without any hassles.

Building up your instinct is something that anybody can do – it simply takes practice, association, and the will to make it work. 

You as a whole have that string of information inside and for certain individuals, it's a light that sparkles splendidly, while for others it's a weak wisp of a faltering flame in obscurity. The more you fan the flares of your instinct, the greater the light will develop and the more skilled you will get at calling that trust and impulse into power. 

Using healing crystals will keep you focused in the path of your journey and aid you to reach the destination soon or later.  We at Trucrystals, wish you luck to reach your true self!
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