6 Crystals for your work desk to ease stress and fatigue

Have you ever wondered how healing crystals help to combat work stress? Here is your answer, read along.

With the Pandemic hitting the entire world, work from home has become the new norm. But, this doesn't mean that the ones working from home are more relaxed or enjoying the work from home days, the work stress remains the same and in fact, it has become like a never ending loop of work, stress and fatigue.

Sometimes, getting through the long weekdays becomes impossible to bear but hardly have any options to evade. It is during this time, the beautiful healing crystals will help you to get rid of the negative energy that might have surrounded you and make you feel the burn and fatigue. 

The alluring energy healing properties of these charming colorful gemstones are known to heal your mind and ease all your mental pressures. Whether the sheer beauty or the energy they possess, each crystal stone helps you ease your fatigue and bring you peace that you have been craving for. 

Following healing crystals are known to bring peace, success and ease stress and anxiety related to your work. Without any more delay let's get to the list. 

Amethyst Crystal

For those unavoidably distressing circumstances, utilize amethyst crystal to assist you to calm your mind and unwind positively. It may guide you away from tense thoughts. 

How to use: Hold an amethyst crystal in any form , whether, tumble stone or crystal pyramid, in your palms and say, "I program this amethyst crystal to quiet my mind and help me find my balance." Then place it around your work area or workspace. 

At whatever point you feel pushed, stressed use it as a visual suggestion to reconnect to a more settled, calming and positive perspective.

Citrine Crystal

Are you a work horse with no positive results? Are you getting cheated by your subordinates by claiming your work? You need to own a citrine crystal now! A crystal stone known to bring success.

How To Use: Hold a piece of citrine crystal in your palms and say “ I program this citrine crystal to help me get the success I deserve for my work”. Then place it around your work area or workspace. 

At whatever point you feel cheated, use it as a visual suggestion to speak up for yourself.

Green Aventurine

Attract more opportunities with this lucky crystal stone green aventurine. Known to bring abundance and prosperity along with a huge number of opportunities, this is the gemstone you got to own if you are looking to change your job or waiting to prove yourself.

How To Use: Hold a green aventurine crystal pyramid  in your palms and say “ I program this crystal pyramid to help me get the best of opportunities I deserve for my growth”. Then place it around your work area or workspace. 

Whenever you feel nothing is going as per your wish, use it as a visual suggestion to know what you can do differently.

Black Tourmaline

The ultimate gemstone for protection, black tourmaline may be used to support your energetic boundaries and prevent the energy of other people from entering your energy field. Think of it as an energetic bodyguard, keeping energy vampires and other negative influences at bay.

How to use: Hold a piece of Black tourmaline in your grasp and say, "I program this black tourmaline as a defensive safeguard against negative energy." Place a piece in every one of the four corners of your office, home, or another room. You can likewise put one piece close to the front door of your home or the way to your work space so that each time you see it, you'll realize that you don't need to give awful energy access.


A wonderful healing stone to keep your energy positive. Staying home for long can make you lose your charm and positive attitude. When locked within the restricted boundaries, your mind will let go of a few things which do not apply to those boundaries. Selenite is one crystal stone that helps you be you no matter what. This healing crystal is known to hold no energies and give out only positive energy. 

How to use: Hold a crystal pyramid of selenite in your grasp and say, “ I program this Selenite as a safeguard to protect my positive energy. I retain all my positive attributes to my disposal always , I stay positive and happy” 


The brilliant golden shimmer and abundant energy of pyrite crystal stone is associated with attracting money and wealth into your life. When you are looking to strike gold, work with pyrite to help you focus on bringing opportunities to results. 

How to use: Hold a piece of pyrite in your hands and say, “I program this pyrite gemstone for financial success.” Then place it on top of a business card, a proposal, or some other document related to a project you are working on.

By using these crystal stones it's said to help the user be more focussed and concentrated on the work they do following a huge success. 

During this crisis period, any amount of positivity is welcome to keep our mental health and physical health in top condition. It is this time many are getting diagnosed with clinical depression, lacking the life energy and feeling down. 

Owning these beautiful pieces of earth brings you the purposes that many are losing. Let us all come together to battle this worst hit crisis across our nation. Stay safe and stay positive. 

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