6 Crystal Pyramids that help your plants grow lively

Whether you are a green goddess or a first time plant grower,did you know that these Crystal Pyramids when kept with your green kids can help them grow lively and healthy?

Growing plants whether for experienced or a newbie is a task. The tiny shoots that emerge out of nowhere can give the sense of satisfaction for all the care and love you poured on your plant babies. 

But it can also be super frustrating when your plants don’t thrive. Wilted leaves, low vibrations, and stunted growth – all of these side effects could be energy blocks as plants work on earthly energy too. Just not that the energy of your home does show on your loving plants. 

Using healing crystals and other precious crystal stones for their healing energies is not just a New Age fad. From ages these healing crystals have been used by healers to heal energy. Different gemstones were believed to possess different healing properties for different ailments. These energies were used to aid in the healing of humans, animals, or plants.

Different gemstones carry different energy healing properties that correspond to the basic elements of nature i.e earth, water, air and fire. Using these beautiful crystal stones definitely brings balance and harmony to your garden.

Today, we bring you 6 Crystal Pyramids that are known to boost the liveliness of your lovely garden plants. 

Rose Quartz

All life needs a dose of affection and love to flourish and Rose Quartz brings that lovely cherishing energy and delicate support to help seeds sprout, leaves turn velvet green, and urge blossoms to strip back their petals. It's an extraordinary gemstone to utilize when developing edibles as it imbues your food with positive energy.


Who doesn’t need sun? Filled with loads of sun energy, these beautiful tones give that vital energy your plants need. Citrine gemstone is all warm and clean energy that can beam down on your plants and fill them with satisfaction. Citrine is otherwise called the merchant's stone because of its attractive energies and for acquiring wealth. Assuming you need a defensive solar energy  crystal stone that hums with great vibrations, Citrine Crystal Pyramid is the one.


Infinite energies meet sheer serenity in the Amethyst crystal stone making it an unquestionable requirement for anybody hoping to develop life. Amethyst is all healing energies and light implying that it can assist your plants with developing the defensive energies of virtue, assurance, and harmony. For those needing a portion of Zen to be a piece of their green world, this Crystal Pyramid is the one.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a healing crystal known to come in various shades of green just like grass,leaves and stems. This beautiful green crystal stone can absorb negativity and calm stress of your newly repotted plants. It can aid new plantings and help reduce transplant shock. It is also considered a healing stone of growth, expansion, and vitality which are the basics of your garden. 

Moon Stone

A crystal stone filled with feminine energy that brings sustaining love and urges transformation to repetitive changes, Moonstone is perhaps the most natural source of energy we have. From causing the tides to empowering recovery and development, this gemstone is tied in with fitting frequencies so life can rest and flourish.

Clear Quartz

The master healer, Clear Quartz healing crystals are all about amplifying the energies. This gemstone can take a tiny amount of positive energy and turn it into an unending source of energy healing. It has a divine frequency that promotes all kinds of healthy growth and can even bring a delicious dose of fertility to the soil. 

Regardless of whether you need to pop a gemstone into your planter, vase, or herb garden or place it on the ground, simply having their healing vibrations close can assist your plant with carrying on with its best life.

You can likewise wear crystal jewellery when planting and gardening to help your hands channel the healing vibe and energy into root and soil as well. Depending upon which sort of Crystal Pyramids you pick, you can place the stone in water to make a solution and utilize that water in your garden for a portion of Zen energy.

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