5 Ways to work with your healing crystals

5 Ways to work with your healing crystals

All minerals and crystal stones have healing energies that are available for us to tap into and gain the positive healing vibrations from them. This positive healing vibration helps you in Chakra balancing, energy healing, Aura cleansing and reaching the higher consciousness. 

Working with healing crystals is based on the intuition of a person. The more you spend time with your crystals you will know the energy it radiates and use it in different ways to utilize their energies. Healing crystals are known to polish your intuitiveness, inner knowing and guidance. 

Today, in this blog we are listing out 5 ways you can efficiently use your crystals to start with. Experience the metaphysical power and energies of each of your crystal stones with these 5 ways.

  • Wearing your crystals , holding your stone, carrying them in your pockets 

Wearing your stones is the easiest and most beautiful way to get the energies of these gemstones. In all the above mentioned methods, all you do is keep your stone nearby to you. Hold on to them/ rub them for support in times of stress.

Place a gemstone next to your bed, under your bed, under your pillowcase or close to you… any place that is most comfortable for you. Always choose your healing crystals with proper intention while you take them for sleeping.

Here are a few crystal stones that you can take to sleep.

  1. For Dream work - Labradorite, Moon Stone, Hematite
  2. For Deep Restful Sleep- Amethyst, Howlite, Tiger eye
  3. For dispelling nightmares- Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, lapis lazuli
  4. To wake up happy and stress free- Lepidolite

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Meditate by holding the healing crystal in your hands or gazing into the crystal. Quiet your mind and soften your gaze or close your eyes, opening to receiving messages. Allow the crystal to reveal itself to you. Trust your intuition. Allow the universe to speak to you.

  • Crystal Grids

Creating a crystal grid in a space or making a grid in a geometric, or mandala formation gives huge benefits. Using a combination of stones that work synergistically for an enhanced effect and makes you reap all the benefits from your loving crystal stones. Always choose crystals for a desired intention. Arrange crystals in a geometric pattern and activate the grid. (We will dedicate a full post on gridding shortly!)

  • Your own healing sessions. 

When you are calm and peaceful, preferably after a good workout, place your chosen crystals around your body and lie down. Consciously feel the energy of each stone. It is highly recommended to keep crystals on top or adjacent to each chakra. Feel the energy clearing away from each chakra and your aura cleansing.  Take your time and relax completely. Wind up when you feel you are done. 

There are numerous approaches to include crystal stones in your life. These are only a couple of ways to kick you off. 

The steady, efficient energy of every individual gemstone is unaltered by harm or whenever cut and molded. Any type of a stone, mineral, or gemstone can be used in Chakra balancingenergy healing and Aura cleansing work. 

Various shapes of healing crystals are alluring for various utilizations, Crystal points might be utilized to draw energy towards or discharge energy from a specific territory of the body or Chakra during chakra healing and energy healing. While a smooth tumble stone might be attractive for use as a pocket stone or to lay on one's body during aura cleansing.

Natural crystal clusters help to create a peaceful, positive environment in one’s home or workspace. Cut and shaped gemstone balls can be utilized in meditation and divination. 

Gemstones have been worn as special necklaces and charms for assurance in numerous societies for millennia.

It is always recommended to find your own creative way to reap the benefits of healing crystals to tap into the universal energy. Let us know if you have any unique way that has proven you time and again.
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