5 crystals to manifest the love of your life

Unconditional love is something that everyone wants to experience, but not everyone is blessed with that. For those who are willing to manifest unconditional love and welcome the love of the universe into their hearts, a healing crystal is like a compass for hearts. So why go without it? 

Healing crystals are beautiful to look at and equally beautiful in their energy healing properties to mend the broken hearts. 

At times, when you need to manifest what you had always wanted, you need to set out with expectations and keep your mind, body, and energy focused on your objectives to fall flawlessly with the universe and its plan for you.

Healing crystals are vital ingredients in making your desires manifest. Certain gemstones bring you into the alignment so you are prepared and bring you all the love that you have been sitting tight for.

While other gemstones pull in the love you have been looking for and attract those that are intended to be a major part of your life than ever before. Certain crystal stones bring significantly more brilliance and equilibrium and balance to the relationships you as of now have.

If you are ready to manifest all that you deserve in the world of love, then read this blog post to know what crystal stones are best suited for bringing that love of your life. 

Manifesting the level of love in your life isn’t just about falling head over heels with that perfect mystery someone, it’s about cultivating a rich connection with yourself and being opened to receiving all that the universe wants to send your way. 

If this is something that you said with a heartfelt “yes”, here are 5 healing crystals that are known to help you in this journey of your love life. 

1. Rose Quartz


    The most important love stone. The beautiful subtle pink of the stone is sure to make fall in love with the gemstone. A beautiful heart chakra stone to mend the broken hearts and bring joy to the ones not experienced the love. Rose Quartz builds your trust, tolerance, and levels of true unconditional love. Fill your soul with the beautiful loving vibrations of rose quartz to embrace universal love. 

    2. Amethyst

      A stone known as natural tranquilizer is sure to bring sublime serenity. Amethyst is a perfect crystal stone to help you in getting prepared for the match you always wanted. Its self nurturing and stress relieving attributes makes you be more calm and blissful to fall in self love. This can help you understand your needs and wants in a much better way. 

      3. Green Aventurine


        A heart chakra stone, known to bring prosperity and opportunities is the right stone to own when you are seeking your love of life. This healing crystal is all about prosperity, whether in monetary terms or related to your heart, it gives you what you deserve in abundance, that also applies for love.  Not only is this a lucky go get it kind of crystal stone but it’s heart chakra calming also brings compassion and the lightness of touch needed for riding the highs and lows of new partnerships.

        4. Garnet



          The beautiful reds of garnet is a pure passion healer. Garnet is a stone of prosperity and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others. It is associated with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, awakening creative energies, and lending power to one's will. Garnet is a gemstone of bright and boundless sexuality and is always keen to get your life force/ chi stirred right up. It is a great gemstone to have in relationships as it grants you the confidence to ask for what you want, to be clear in your needs and build a beautiful bond and relationship based on your true self.

          5. Rhodochrosite


            Another pink crystal stone to make you fall in love. Rhodochrosite is a fabulous heart stone  that clears of all the emotions and issues that could be holding you back from the love you deserve. This Healing crystal always ensures your heart stays clear.

            A bonus stone, this stone is known to bring luck in the matters of love. This healing crystal is said to help reunite lovers whether physically, emotionally, or by the entwined limbs of spirituality. A beautiful rainbow fire in this crystal stone is said to bring the lost passion back between couples.The gemstone is none other than moon stone.

            Moon Stone

            Rekindle your love life with these beautiful love stones and manifest your love of life. Now that you have a list of the most radiant and glorious love gemstones in your life, it helps to know exactly how best to harness all this energy. One of the best ways to call on the love spirits to help channel all that you desire in your direction is to wear them. 

            When we have precious healing stones pressed directly against your skin, the wearer has the wonder of letting all those rich vibrations soak into every inch of their being. It also helps the stones to keep your chakras cleansed and can keep you connected to the universe and carrying your intention with you.

            Other ways to utilize the magic of your gemstones is to build an altar for purposeful prayer and visualization or use the stones within crystal grids for channeling energy. You can also sit in meditation with the stones or place your precious stone in the heart area. Use them the right way and be equipped to attract love, abundance and prosperity to your life.
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