5 crystals that will help you immerse in self love!

Self love is something that even the luckiest of this world needs. It is very common to see yourself in the trickiest of situations in life. Whether it is self created or the one created by others, the situation can be such that, self care or self love , apparently the buzzwords of this century are very hard to implement.

Using healing crystals to immerse yourself in self love is one of the easiest to follow and to an extent can keep you grounded without you feeling overwhelmed with the kind of lifestyle this century people like you and we are leading.

Self care or self love takes a lot of effort and practice to implement. It is more or less a habit, healing crystals when included in this habit can give you that inner joy which you crave for.

Manifesting something definitely takes time, so does habit cultivation. In our experience as natural healers, we have come across these beautiful gemstones which are super helpful in energy healing and bring you that serene peace within. 

Crystal stones are a great way to get rid of your negative vibes. These beautiful gemstones help you be aware of your negative thinking and the negativity that oozes out from you to this world. These lovely healing crystals always keeps you on tabs by reminding you to be positive about any situation helping you cut down on most stressful situations.

Here are the lovely gemstones that are known to help you immerse in self love.

  • Rose Quartz


This beautiful lovely pink crystal stone had to take first place! Known to bring you love of the universe, the soft energy of the stone assures you to care and love yourself every time it is near you. With its gentle loving pink color who can resist falling in love? Shop this pink love here.

  • Carnelian


This bright red crystal stone is super attractive and equally elegant. Sacral chakra is the root of all our emotions and a base of who we are. Carnelian is the gemstone that heals your sacral chakra by unblocking the energies that are contained within for a long time. The sacral chakra healing provides a new outlook to your life and you will start loving yourself more. Heal your sacral chakra with these collection of ours.

  • Amazonite


The gentle and loving sea blue green is the color of this soothing gemstone. Amazonite is known to soothe the chaos of inner minds. The crystal stone is known to work in many ways that can benefit you especially when you are on a self love journey. The healing stone amazonite brings the goodness of health to your physical body while soothing you from within. No wonder this was the go to stone of many kings and queens amulets! Shop this lovely stone here

  • Rhodonite


A beautiful pink- black stone, we at Trucrystals always see this crystal stone as a beautiful  reminder of our bruised heart and loving heart! Pink for loving hearts and black for bruises! Yea, we seem to create our stories when we work with these lovely crystal stones!! 

Rhodonite, always allows you to balance the yin and yang within you. It helps you analyse what good life has given you and what's absolutely wrong. It helps you fix issues bothering you. No wonder this gemstone helps you reach your highest potential which includes a good amount of self love. Shop rhodonite crystal here.

  • Amethyst

We can't get enough of this lovely purple stone! So much it gives and so much to take. Amethyst is considered as a beginner healing stone. But, the energy it possesses is so much that you will need it always in every stage of your life. A simple and easy to work with this crystal stone is sure to keep you calm and aid in energy healing. Amethyst crystal is a great stone to own when you want to start self love.You can buy beautiful amethyst crystal in this collection of ours .

With the list of crystal stones that can help you in genuine self love and encourage a little more personal love and care to lift yourself up, you should know how to use them. Healing crystals are positively filled with bright power and energy that has healing potency by tapping into universal energy. Here are a few tips and techniques to help you get the most from your self-love and care crystal stones.

  • Wear gemstone jewelry. This way you always carry the stone with you and stay connected to its healing power.
  • Place a stone beneath your pillow and let those healing vibrations hum all night long.
  • Create space in your home/room/office or study for a crystal to sit and let it fill every corner with its healing light. You can even create an altar for a crystal pyramid or crystal points and add incense, and other symbols that help you feel connected to your deeper self and sense of purpose.
  • Place the crystals on your heart or root chakra, or whichever chakra you think needs clearing from blocked energy.
  • Write lists of all the ways you bring strength and light into the world and have your crystal close by when journaling.
  • Make a note of what helps you heal from within. Make a list of things that you can do to keep your inner self soothed.
  • Few things that we recommend doing is, Crystal infused bathing with lovely fresh smelling bath salts in it, Mood check journals, meditation with your crystals and the best one saying your affirmations. 

With this being said, we would love to press on self love and self care are just not a millennial buzzword, but a basic necessity for any human being. Take time to wander and wonder within you! There is no journey that is more beautiful than taking a journey within! 

We would love to hear about your relationship with self-worth and what tried and tested techniques and mantras you turn to in order to grow from within. Share your thoughts with us at
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