5 Crystals that help anxious minds

Do you feel that life has been worrying you? If you feel that it has undermined your physical and mental health, you ought to think about healing on a spiritual level. Anxiety has been one of the most suffered issues nowadays. Whether it's lifestyle-induced or relationships, it affects the person lives his life.

Today we bring you calming healing crystals that are known to reduce anxiety and can heal your mind, body, and soul.

Using healing crystals will help you to curb that stress and anxiety and brings in that positive vibration to combat your life’s stress. It gives new hope and direction to help you be a better person. 

In this article let’s see what are those Crystal stones that will help you ease the anxiety.


This warm sunny yellow-colored gemstone is all you need to calm yourself up. Brimming with the sun’s energy, Citrine doesn't hold or gather negative vitality, so it's an awesome stone for when you're feeling frightful or need help with anxiety issues. 

In case you're assuming responsibility for your life and could utilize more confidence, and cheerfulness, Citrine is an incredible healing crystal that will help facilitate your unwanted anxiousness.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is known to relieve tension and stress, anxiety, or panic attacks; also to ward off negative thinking, and to eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion. 

Using this beautiful healing crystal in the home or work environment allows you to filter out bad moods, unspoken resentments, or disparaging remarks that drain one’s strength and enthusiasm. 

Rose quartz crystal

Fear can make it difficult to feel sympathy for yourself as well as other people. Rose Quartz crystal, with its delicate quintessence, can sustain self-acknowledgment and self-esteem by introducing a feeling of love and peacefulness. 

Furthermore, Rose Quartz crystal can ease anger or hatred that creates when you continually feel pushed and anxious. It reminds you to remain heart-focused when confronted with troublesome circumstances and negative feelings.

Black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is an ace at keeping your spirits high during a stressful period. This crystal stone is additionally known for upgrading prosperity and can ingest negative vitality. This gemstone is most helpful when you're feeling the squeeze, making you feel stressed or on edge. 

The most ideal approach to ease stress is to escape from your tensions for peace. You can do this by reconnecting to the root chakra vitality and permitting the negative particles of Black Tourmaline to work its defensive enchantment.


Amethyst is a characteristic de-stressor. In case you're feeling over-on edge about an occasion or circumstance, it's an incredible precious stone to utilize. 

Known for its quieting quintessence and recuperating properties, Amethyst healing crystal can bring enthusiastic equalization and quiet any nerves. It's likewise an awesome crystal stone for carrying lucidity to an issue and managing emotional episodes.

Use these healing crystals as meditation crystals or as a healing stone, be open to the vibrant energy that they release and absorb them to calm yourself.

Healing crystals in tumble stone form are easy to use and carry for those who do not like to wear crystal jewelry. Tumble stones are the ones that can be carried everywhere with you in your purse, bag, or wallet. It can also be used in meditation and placed on a work table too.

We at Trucrystals, bring you highly energized crystal stones that are a great source of energy. These healing crystals help you in energy healing

Many call them meditation crystals, reiki crystals, and chakra balancing stones. It is all because of the energy that they store in them during the formation. These natural crystal stones carry universal energy that is present in every piece of this universe. 

Healing crystals have been part of many cultures and have been used for ages to treat many causes of life.

At Trucrystals, we source each of the crystal stones in our shop from known and ethical mines that we personally know. We go through each of the gemstones in our shop to make sure they carry energy that can be used in various processes like chakra cleansing, reiki energy healing, energy healing, and many other mindfulness programs. 

You can now shop tumble stones, crystal jewelry, like crystal bracelets, crystal malas, crystal necklaces, orgone pyramids, and more now at our shop. 

Happy buying and happy healing!

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