5 Crystals that are known to bring happiness

Healing stones are often found in mineral deposits. They can be found in unusual shapes and sizes. Healing Crystals can be used to fend off negative energy and to bring new beginnings into one’s life.

As a result, they have been used as amulets for centuries for protection. They are also known for their ability to focus spiritual energy, which can help oneself to reform their life at a spiritual level. These Healing stones are capable of healing others with their "healing energy".

Today we bring you the healing stones that are known to bring the energy of happiness and can help with emotional health and physical health, too.

Here are 5 healing crystals that are known to bring happiness:


Powerful gemstone that is said to heal the heart and bring balance. Amethyst is a crystal stone that is known for bringing calmness, clarity and peace. It can also help with insomnia and addiction.

Amethyst is one of the most popular healing crystals around, mostly due to its beauty. The vibrant purple colour that changes in different lighting makes it a favourite among collectors. Amethyst also has spiritual properties which give it an added benefit.

There are many factors that contribute to happiness, both physical and mental. Amethyst can be helpful to people who want clarity of mind and connection with ancient wisdom. Owning an Amethyst is said to clear the mind of any destructiveness and leave only serenity in its place.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most desirable gemstones, renowned for its deep blue color. It's been known as "the stone of truth" because it can help bring honesty and transparency to all of your communications.

If your communication is not clear in a relationship, carry this healing crystal with you to remain calm in those situations.

Honesty is a cornerstone of happiness, but it's not always easy to be honest with yourself and openly express your feelings. Lapis Lazuli crystal stone can help you to voice your boundaries and empathize with others more easily.

Rose Quartz

For love, forgiveness, and heart-centered healing, use rose quartz healing stone. It's very versatile and helps with many kinds of turmoil.

Rose quartz has been attributed with the ability to release blockages within the heart chakra, opening up pathways for you to shed negativity and let go of emotional trauma.

Rose quartz is one of the most beneficial stones you could use no matter what the situation. It's linked to love and that in turn leads to healing and uplifting emotions.


Typically associated with positivity, joy, and self-esteem, citrine has a powerful glow. It's perfect for those looking for a "general" boost in their happiness levels.

Paired with carnelian, this gemstone can create a powerful vibe that promotes self-confidence and self-love.

Citrine can be worn during stressful events when you may be experiencing self-doubt. Examples of these are public speaking events, exams, weddings, work presentations etc.


This vibrant color healing stone is focused on the emotional wellbeing of confidence. There are many of us who suffer silently with issues of self-confidence, and it can have devastating side-effects on our social, career, and romantic relationships.

Carnelian is a chakra stone that stimulates the sacral chakra ('chakra' is Sanskrit for wheel of life). This represents the energy centre in the body where self-assurance and vitality originate.

These Crystals when used with perfect intentions are known to bring the desired results. 

We all love to be happy at the end of the day, these tiny pieces of mother earth help us to welcome them with her energies.. 

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