5 common myths busted about owning a healing crystal!

The energy healing process through healing crystals is not a recent practice. This technique has been utilized by ancient civilizations for various purposes running from achieving spiritual knowledge to healing wounds. 

These crystal stones have spiritual properties that help with accomplishing emotional, physical, and spiritual stability.

The method of using crystal stones is utilized by proficient healing crystal and energy healing specialists generally nowadays as it is known to effectively affect the human body and is accepted to be an alternative medicine to ordinary medication. 

However, there are a few myths about crystal stones used in healing that should be cleared to forestall the spread of deception. 

Today we bring you these myths to shine a light on certainty.

This is one of the most common beliefs in beginners who are new to healing crystals. Every healing stone vibrates at a different frequency and hence reacts differently to every individual. When it comes to choosing your healing crystal, let the healing stones choose you.

If you feel a certain spark in your body or if you are attracted to a particular stone at the first sight and your attention is falling on it even after seeing so many other crystals then that healing stone is the one for you.

Another way to choose your gemstone would be by knowing what benefits you are looking for. If you are a person who says all the crystals are attracting me, then knowing the exact benefit you are looking for will definitely work. 

Yet another simple way to choose your healing stone is based on your zodiac sign and this will help you out in overall development than particular benefits.

This is the most common misconception that you can have about healing crystals. healing stones do not have any magical powers and they do not cause instantaneous transformation. Use them only as a tool to enhance the positivity around you and feel spiritually balanced. healing stones do not cure any disease but they do help you to deal with the pain by keeping you strong on the inside. 

Healing crystals are energy boosters, they show you the path to achieve desired goals. An individual needs to embrace the path and work on it.

  1. Only clean polished crystal stones are more effective

One thing that you should always remember is that the power of a crystal stone is not determined by its beauty. Rugged-looking healing crystals can emit the same or even more amount of energy as compared to polished gemstones. Once you connect with a stone, its shape and size should not matter. 

A crystal stone is just like you and us. All are humans but we look different!! Each one of us has a heart and soul, and each one of the healing crystals will come with the same universal energy whether they come with tiny holes, dents, or inclusions - that's how they are formed in nature different yet same!

  •  crystals should not be bought but only given as a gift

    It is perfectly alright to buy energy healing crystals on your own. It does not matter whether you have received your energy healing crystal as a gift or you have purchased it on your own. As long as you are attracted to it, healing stones will keep assisting you in your healing journey.

    1. You cannot wear your crystal jewelry during periods

    We ask why not? Will you stop working on your goal just because you are on your periods? During your period, every woman goes through an energy cycle. Just like your body, your aura needs the support to recoup. Wearing your crystal jewelry will take care of it. Make sure you cleanse your crystals post your periods and wear them.  

    We hope this tiny nitty-gritty of the healing process helps you bond with your stone better. Happy healing. 

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