3 reasons why crystals are not working for you!

Crystal healing has become mainstream in the west and is becoming popular in India too. For those who have seen the benefits of healing crystals, it's hard to stop at one single crystal stone

But, there is another group of people who follows the trends and own a few colorful healing crystals.  For some of you and  the ones who follow trends, however, crystal healing may not be as effective as you’d like it to be.

Why is it? Today we bring you this blog to let you know why your gemstones are not working for you.

we always find crystals do not work only in these 3 instances. 

One needs to be cautious about where they purchase their crystal stones, as they are not in every case appropriately cleansed. A proper way to purify and cleanse your healing crystals is through Reiki using universal life force energy which means "profoundly guided life-power energy" that has a significant effect on everything in this universe. 

Once you start using gemstones, you will gain and develop your inner self and will become more receptive to energies. Once you hit this note on your crystal journey, you will automatically know when your crystal stones need cleansing. 

For those who have started the journey now, and genuinely want to reap the benefits of your gemstones, following a simple cleansing routine every week is advisable. 1) rinsing them with running water (best with bracelets), 2) energizing them under the sun and/or 3) under the moon. You can follow Trucrystals exclusively curated “how to use” guide that is supplied with each crystal that you buy from our shop.

  • Know what is coming between you and your crystal healing

Do you feel connected to your healing crystal? Do you feel it can heal you from within? Have you felt its magical energy healing

Many wouldn’t even know this existed. Just wearing a few crystal stones will not work in your favour. Slowing down to connect with its energy will definitely help. Running a busy lifestyle where gadgets are your friend will hardly allow you to experience that high bound energy of these gemstones

In other cases, it could be about quieting your mind enough to let the crystals’ high-vibe energy come through. 

One of the simple ways you can get this done is by getting outside in some kind of nature or listening to sounds that calms your mind. 

Once you’ve done that, hold your stones / wear them or place it on your body for a minimum of 11 minutes. 

Even if you don’t have this big experience of ‘Oh my god, I feel the love,’ you’ll feel slight positive energy shifts. Maybe you’ll notice you’re breathing a little deeper, or maybe you’ll feel a little calmer than you did 11 minutes ago.. Your mind may get clearer and feel fresh, The energy can make you feel something positive. 

Make this a every night routine you will see how your healing crystals can unwind and do its magic. 

  • You expect too much from them instantly!

A few days back we just got an email which said- “I bought students tumble stones and they are not working” . When we checked, the order was delivered only a few days back. 

People who seek instant results in everything should mend themselves instantly!- just being honest and to do so is impossible too, same applies to crystals. 

However, if you feel no energy in the stone at first, it's completely fine. Many crystal healers during their initial days will have felt the same. Taking time to calm and bond yourself with your crystal stone will help you tap into the energy of the stone. 

Meditate with it, have the desire to accept the change the stone may bring to you. Don’t expect the energetic fireworks right away. They are not from wonderland, grow with them, experience the subtle changes the healing crystals bring in you. Embrace them with a positive attitude and reap the benefits. 

This being said, Now it's up to you to self analyse why your healing crystal is not working for you. We share loads of crystal information on our instagram handle on a regular basis, do follow us @trucrystals.in on instagram. 

If you have any queries you can reach us at support@trucrystals.com

healing crystals to tap into the universal energy. Let us know if you have any unique way that has proven you time and again.
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