3 must-have energy cleansing crystals!

Healing crystals are vibrational with positive energy and filled with energies that are best for energy healing and recovery. 

You may be using your crystal stones to give yourself a particular energy boost and to vibe high. Cleansing of the crystals is as important as you eating your food, It is only cleansed healing crystal when set with your intention can help you achieve it. 

Just like your Aura cleansing, crystals need their energies to be cleansed. You can call it crystal’s aura cleansing!! There are many ways to clear the energies of healing crystals. You may use smudging rituals and many other methods. 

Did you know that there are crystals that can cleanse your energy and your healing crystals energy as well?

Today we bring you the most basic and must-have energy healing crystals that one must own whether a novice or a pro.

These three energy healing crystals are:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Selenite

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an undeniable necessity for anyone excited about working with crystals and stones since it fills in as an important crystal and intensifier of positive vitality.

Clear Quartz is a "Master Healer" as it will, in general, be used for all intents and purposes any kind of healing, on any chakra, for powerful movement of energy, or for cleansing your aura.

Clear Quartz can likewise be utilized to upgrade your fantasies, help you to channel clairvoyant vitality, and can lessen radiations from electronics in your home. 

It can likewise help to make amicable connections and situations and can bring you lucidity. To utilize Clear Quartz, either keep a piece close to your bed, work area, or television/PC. You can likewise wear Clear Quartz as crystal jewellery or carry a stone in your pocket.

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Amethyst is a momentous crystal stone of affirmation that can be used to improve tranquility, peace, and energy healing.

Amethyst is a glorious all-around helpful chakra balancing stone concerning significantly crown chakra it is sure to enhance your vibe and can help you with improving your nature and spiritual growth.

The Amethyst gemstone work against negative energy or evil attacks. Amethyst is a simple stone to charge yet requires cleansing to be utilized for mystic security.

To use Amethyst, keep a piece near your bed or under your pillow or wear it as crystal jewelry.


Selenite is a delightful and delicate chakra balancing stone that is ideal for nearly anybody. It increases mental clarity, can cleanse your environment and can improve the association among you and your guardians or soul guides.

Selenite is related to the Moon and can be an extremely incredible healing stone to use in rituals when the Moon is either full or new. At the point when energized by Moonlight, Selenite can clear energy obstructions from your aura, your home, and furthermore from different healing crystals and gemstones you own.

To utilize Selenite, make it part of your precious healing stone collection or keep it near different crystal stones, place a piece by your bedside, at work, or carry it in your pocket. 

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Using crystals to charge and cleanse energy is a great way to inculcate. 

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With that said, we believe we all are connected to one consciousness, let us reach that higher consciousness level together with the help of these lovely crystals from mother earth. 

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