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Natural Turquoise (Firoza) Bracelet - Certified

Natural Turquoise (Firoza) Bracelet - Certified

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Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man's history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It is a stone of protection, strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, healing to the eye as if carved from an azure heaven and slipped to earth.
A timeless piece that encapsulates the spirit of the Southwest, where the earth meets the sky in a dance of vibrant blues and greens. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bracelet features genuine turquoise beads, each a unique treasure showcasing the beauty and authenticity of natural turquoise. Whether you're drawn to its earthy elegance or captivated by its metaphysical properties, our Turquoise Bracelet invites you to adorn yourself with the essence of tranquility and self-expression.


Metaphysical Significance:

1. Stone of Self-Expression: It is associated with the Throat chakra and the Heart charka which promotes communication in an honest, loving, and gentle manner; believed to be helpful for those with butterflies in matters of public speaking.

2. Calming Presence: The soothing blue-green hues of turquoise are known to have a calming effect on the mind and spirit. Wearing the Turquoise Bracelet may help alleviate stress and promote a sense of tranquility in your daily life.

3. Balance and Harmony: Turquoise is thought to bring balance and harmony to the wearer. As you embrace the energies of the bracelet, you may experience a sense of equilibrium and peace in your thoughts and emotions.

4. Connection to Nature: With its earthy tones reminiscent of desert landscapes, the Turquoise Bracelet serves as a symbolic connection to the natural world. It invites you to carry a piece of nature's beauty with you, grounding you in the present moment.

5. Positive Energy Attraction: Turquoise is thought to attract positive energies and bring good fortune. Wearing the Turquoise Bracelet may invite positive vibrations into your life and create an environment conducive to positive experiences.

6. Symbol of Friendship and Loyalty: Turquoise has been historically associated with friendship and loyalty. Gifting or wearing the Turquoise Bracelet may symbolize enduring friendships, making it a thoughtful token of connection and commitment.

7. Timeless Style with Cultural Significance: Beyond its metaphysical advantages, the Turquoise Bracelet is a timeless accessory with cultural significance. Turquoise has been treasured across various cultures and time periods, making the bracelet a symbol of enduring beauty and cultural appreciation.

A certificate will be provided along with the package

Our Standard size of bracelet is 7.5 inches using 8mm beads.

All the crystals come with a how-to-use, charge, set intention guide, which contains all the information the individual needs to use the crystals.

Healing crystals are energy boosters, they show you the path to achieve desired goals. An individual needs to embrace the path and work on it.

How fast the results come is dependent on an individual's hard work, efforts, and sincerity to achieve the goal.

Crystals carry universal energy in them, they help individuals to bring the needed change in their life in order to achieve their goals. Crystals are part of spiritual work, and any spiritual work will take its own time and the results are always dependent on individuals.

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Gowtham S M
Authentic Bracelet

I have received turquoise bracelet and some other products. All are amazing. It came with a very nice and aromatic package.

Chisang Deori
Natural Turquoise Bracelet

Great quality. Beautiful and versatile bracelet.

Thara Sachin M.M.J

Amazing quality thank you so much trucrystals

Energy healing


Harmony In life

Happy & positive